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Fire up 2011 with Trina Gray’s SECOND EDITION Corporate Fit Challenge

I am really excited about a package I just got Fed Exd to me today. I just
went cover to cover through an amazing SECOND EDITION of Trina Gray’s
Corporate Fit Challenge.

*       It’s all there. A 100+ page manual with step by step instructions
for implementing a 6-week corporate fitness program in your community.
*       A CD-Rom off ALL the documents you need, customizable to your
*       A BONUS DVD with behind the scenes of Trina’s club with hours of
footage to help coach you to be the best in Corporate Fitness.
*       Trina offers ONGOING support and laser coaching in her Corporate Fit
Fast Track Group.

**YOU DON’T NEED A FACILITY to be a Corporate Fit Challenge COACH!
But if you have a facility, this will DRIVE traffic to it.

Trina just returned from an amazing 4-day experience presenting at in 30th
Annual IHRSA Convention in San Francisco.
She spoke to hundreds of club owners, managers and trainers about Corporate
Fitness… and the response was amazing. From the Wellness Director for Mayo
Clinic to the owner of 7 clubs in Mexico City… the response was the same:

“Trina’s approach really is cutting edge, blunt and easy to digest. It’s
Corporate Fitness UNLEASHED!”

Here’s an off-the-cuff video from two club managers from Kansas who attended
Trina’s presentation.

For the next 48 hours, you can set your year in fire with a LIMITED OFFER
Corporate Fit Challenge Business System – SECOND EDITION JUST RELEASED
Website cost $497.00


Recent Testimonials
The Corporate Fit Challenge was a Game-Changer for my Boot Camp Business.
Doug Krueger
Owner, Peak Performance
Facebook Email on March 19th, 2011

Hey Trina, I’m off to VEGAS for some R & R 🙂
Wanted you to know that our latest Corporate Fit has 20 people enrolled. We
start on Monday! So that makes 90 people enrolled in our brand new CFC’s all
at the same time….SWEET!
My trainers and coaches are excited by all the opportunity handed to them in
this program. You were right. Work the plan and the plan works! We’ve gotten
in so many doors with your system and your advice. Let’s keep 2011 on FIRE!

The Corporate Fit Challenge Works. It’s that Simple.

Gene Sherman CFT,SFN
NXS Fitness
Email on March 10th, 2011

Companies are currently investing a lot of money into wellness programs to
help create healthier employees.
Why is the Corporate Fit Challenge better than a companies wellness program.
Quite simply, us!  Us as professionals talk about the challenges of keeping
clients engaged to be healthy.  Can you imagine the challenge companies have
at trying to get their employees healthy.  They need to focus on running
their business and not fitness consulting.  This is why employers more than
ever are looking for programs that will keep their employees engaged.  They
are wasting a lot of money in programs that don’t work!

What works?  The Corporate Fit Challenge.  We pride ourselves in helping
others be healthy.  That is our mission!  The personal touch of our business
could never be replaced by monthly newsletter.

Let’s get out their and talk to employers about why The Corporate Fit
Challenge will work for them!  We have a great network of trainers across
the country, lead by our leader Trina.  Lets all work together to blow up
the Corporate Fitness World!

The Corporate Fit Challenge Gives Momentum.

Doug Schultz, MPT, ATC
Clinical Director/Owner Health Quest Physical Therapist and Wellness Center
Email on February 18th, 2011

Trina’s Corporate Fit Challenge kit and business coaching has helped us
launch our first CFC account, a local school system.  We kicked off with a
group of 30 elementary school teachers two weeks ago!  The 6 week challenge
is clearly laid out in the kit, including customizable marketing material,
forms, and easy to follow instructions and suggestions for the challenge.
Trina and her team provide ongoing accountability and support through the
CFC Fast Track conference calls and Google group to answer questions and
share ideas that have worked well with this program.
We also have been fortunate enough to have Trina conduct a business coaching
session to help us get started with the Corporate Fit Challenge program and
to incorporate fitness into our existing practice.  Her insight and
experience in the fitness industry, the organization of her programs, and
her take-action mentality have helped us reach more clients with greater
success.  We left our coaching call focused on a common goal, with programs
that will draw business into our clinics and make a positive difference in
our local communities.

The Corporate Fit Challenge program and business coaching have had a huge
impact in our desire to move toward preventative medically-based fitness
programs.  We look forward to providing these programs to our existing
clients while drawing in new business through these innovative systems.  We
recommend Trina’s Corporate Fit Challenge Program and Business Coaching
without reservation.  It gave us tremendous momentum moving toward our

Again, for the next 48 hours, you can set your year in fire with a LIMITED
Corporate Fit Challenge Business System – SECOND EDITION JUST RELEASED
Website cost $497.00


Sure Victory- Fitness Bootcamp Pro Package Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit..
Testinonial for both our products came in on private Inner Circle forum..see below   
  Hi Trina, Hi Georgette,

I have my first corporate fit challenge account (school) and we are kicking off this coming week! Just like the Sure Victory BC Kit (where I had boot camp up and running in 3 weeks) Everything is laid out so well it will be so easy to implement. The process is laid out step by step which allows me to focus more on the fitness coaching and creative elements rather then the program structure and paper work! Being an independent trainer (with a small budget) this is a win-win! Not only will I make a difference in people’s lives (who otherwise may not get active) but it will help me connect with potential future clients for my small group training and boot camp business!

Trina and Georgette thanks again for making business start up so much easier with your products. Both the Corporate Fit Challenge and Sure Victory Boot Camp Kits are both well worth the investement as they save so much time and produce quality programs! They are both highly recommended! Donna

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