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Fit Pros: 3 reasons e-mail marketing sucks (and the solution)

 3 reasons e-mail marketing sucks (and the solution)

E-mail marketing is easily one of the most profitable and low to no cost
ways to bring in new prospects from your list and reactivate old clients.
Unfortunately e-mail marketing kind of sucks for fitness professionals.

Here’s why:

1. It takes a long time plan out, write and
set up – if you plan on promoting your personal training or boot camp services
to your e-mail list then you better be prepared to write out 3-5 attention
grabbing e-mails that create anticipation, urgency and excitement in your
subscribers and you better be prepared to repeat this process 1-2 times a month
for the next 12 months. This takes a TON of time to accomplish

2. It gets REALLY boring – not only do most
trainers not have time to do all those e-mails but who really wants to sit down
and write 50-70 e-mails anyways?

3. Its tricky – too much contact and too
many offers will make you look spammy. Too little contact and your subscribers
will begin to lose interest. It’s a bit tricky finding the perfect balance of
offers and content that keeps you bringing in new clients and keeps your
subscribers engaged and interested.

Luckily there is finally a solution for fitness professionals that you can literally plug into your business tonight and not have to worry about for the entire year.

7-figure Sam Bakhtiar and his coaching client and e-mail whiz kid Mike Salvietti have written and mapped out 17 unique e-mail marketing campaigns with 70 e-mails that you can literally copy and paste into your e-mail marketing software. They just released it today and are giving it away at a $100 discount until Friday.

You can check it out here http://tinyurl.com/fitproemails

Make sure you check this thing out it’s literally a game changer.




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