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Fitness Boot Camps: How to Make Money as a Fitness Trainer

Turning Your Training Passing into Larger Profits

Richard Smith

If you are a fitness trainer looking for ways to earn extra cash, then read on.

One way of making money out of your fitness training skills is managing your own fitness boot camp. Fitness boot camps are good alternatives to those who find the constraints of the gym boring and monotonous. Fitness boot camps are becoming more and more popular because unlike regular exercise regimens, they are done outside the gym and in groups



Fitness boot camps last shorter than typical workouts which is perfect for your client’s busy lifestyle. Since they can be done by men and women, young and old alike, even seniors can join your boot camp, as long as they are with good health. Fitness boot camps get rid of boring and monotonous gym exercises by replacing them with activities such as short-distance running, stretching and aerobics. Because of the different kinds of exercises, the fitness boot camp provides a full body workout. Fitness boot camps are made of a combination of cardio exercises, strength and weight training. These exercises, strengthens, tones and builds up the body, perfect for those want to lose some weight.

These appealing traits are the reasons why many gyms are offering boot camp packages for groups of people and these are the reasons why you should also consider opening your own fitness boot camp. Instead of starting a gym, which is expensive because of all the exercise machines and equipment, a fitness boot camp is a good way to earn a living because you don’t have to spend a whole lot; all you need is a good location like public parks.

If you are interested in starting your own fitness boot camp here are some things you should consider.

1) Plan your workouts. Make sure that your workout is suited to your group. Senior citizens should have lighter workouts than the young ones and should focus more on low impact exercises that stretches their muscles. Your younger students can work out to heavier exercises depending on their fitness levels.

2) You should create a combination of activities that will provide a full body workout. The location of your boot camp is also important. Choose an area where it’s light and breezy to make your students feel more comfortable. Your local park is a good place to hold your fitness boot camp.

3) Make your workouts fun. The main reason why your group joined your boot camp is because it is fun and exciting. Try adding games and other competitive activities to motivate your group.

4) Marketing your boot camp. There are many venues where you can promote your fitness boot camp. Create a blog about your boot camp and let your clients share their fun experiences through it. You can also do it the old fashioned way. Print out flier and post them in your neighborhood. You can also offer group discounts to appeal to a wider audience.

5) Lastly, take good care of your clients. Make sure that your clients are capable of following your exercises. Screen their capabilities, especially your senior citizen clients.


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