Fitness Bootcamp Band Cardio Workout

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Fitness Bootcamp Band Cardio Workout

Warm up
Round 1
30 sec side to side shuffles
30 sec power squats
30 sec forward and back hops over your band
30 sec slow jog ( active recovery)
Repeat once
Rest 30 sec
Round 2
30 sec Mountain climbers
30 sec push ups
30 sec lunge touches
30 sec band tire flip
30 sec rope less jump rope ( active recovery)
Repeat once
Round 3
30 sec Band Squat
30 sec band squat to push press
30 sec band curl to shoulder press
30 sec running in place ( active recovery)
Repeat once
Round 4 
30 sec Burpee
30 sec plank shoulder taps
30 sec jumping jacks
30 sec running in place
Repeat once
Round 5
30 sec alternating forward lunges
30 sec alternating twisting punches w/bands
30 sec band low squat hops
30 sec alternating band curls ( active recovery)
Repeat once
Cool down



Sure Victory Bootcamp Member Workout by: 

Marcus Wallace


Personal Trainer

and Boot Camp Instructor
Army Soldier, Bodybuilder, and Pro-Basketball 6-time MVP



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