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Fitness Business Apps – Will You Be Left Behind?

Fitness Business Apps – Will You Be Left Behind?


In today’s fast and ever changing fitness world, you have to be one step ahead of the person next to you if you want to keep your business growing. Back in the day, getting clients used to be about diet and exercise and a great program to help them achieve their goals. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still about this. But now, the clients today not only want to lose weight, they need a program to fit in with their busy schedule and they want convenience and up to date technology. It’s like when McDonald’s came out with the meal options; fast, quick, and convenient ordering. Now you just order the “number 1” instead of stating each food item. Ok, I know, I just mentioned McDonald’s and we are in the business of keeping people healthy, fit, and losing weight, but hang on, you’ll see what I mean. So where am I heading with this?


Mobile apps for the fitness business, that’s what I’m talking about! Not only has the fitness industry changed but technology is constantly changing and if you want to stay one foot ahead of you competitors then you have to stay up with technology.


We live in an economy where mobile devices increase the productivity of entrepreneurs and mobile workers by supporting convenient Web access. We have our websites, blogs, emails, and all these great tools for producing leads and converting them, but can you imagine having your fitness business as an app on your clients’ phones? Just think about how convenient that is for them and how fast the word about your fitness business can spread.


The rewards of having a fitness business app are endless. You can take communication, convenience, and profits to whole different level.


It is like your clients will always have you at their side (or in their pocket). Think about it. Who doesn’t have a smart phone, iPad or Tablet? This amazing technology is truly putting your fitness business at the fingertips of not only your clients but all their friends and family too. You know when someone has a cool app they brag about it. What an awesome way to market your business.


So what are some of the benefits of having a fitness business app?  


  • Provide customers with GPS directions to your locations and one touch calling capabilities.
  • Directly connect with customers through your mobile app with push notification messages that go directly to their phone.
  • Keep customers aware of class changes and new offerings.
  • Give customers special information only through your downloaded mobile health and fitness apps.
  • GPS Coupons through the GPS check in system – great for loyalty programs.
  • Event updates – keep customers up to date with mobile apps for the fitness industry.
  • Instant access to all details about your fitness business – right on your customers’ smartphone 24/7.
  • Facebook , Twitter, YouTube™ and Podcast integration – your social media presence using mobile.
  • Sell memberships directly from your app, get them while they are in a buying mood.
  • Multiple Locations – easily add all of your business locations.
  • QR Code Coupons – integrate your QR code program right into your mobile app.
  • Easy product item uploads – quick and easy sales.


The fitness business app is the simplest and fastest way to communicate with your clients. But, not only that. What do you see in the benefits listed above? It’s not just another cool app on a client’s mobile phone, iPad or Tablet; it is truly one of the easiest ways to increase leads, sell more memberships and earn more profits.


The best thing about the fitness business app is that your customers will be so excited to download it and share it with others. They will love your new style of customer service and communication and you will get to sit back, no matter where you are (physically) and enjoy the amazing technology providing you with automation, convenience, and yes…more money!!!


Just remember, it’s a digital world and if you’re not up to speed then you’re not even in the race!

Go to http://fitnessbusinessapps.com to learn more NOW!

 Fit Biz apps is in pre launch and is set for formal launch in Feb…stay tuned for more updates and follow

my new fan page at http://facebook.com/fitbizapps



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