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Fitness Entrepreneur Takes Fitness to a New Level with the Introduction of Smartphone Apps for the Fitness Industry

Fitness Entrepreneur Takes Fitness to a New Level with the Introduction of Smartphone Apps for the Fitness Industry.

 Fitness Business Apps – The New Mobile Tool for Fitness Entrepreneurs is making headlines. Fitness professionals will now have the ability to have their personal fitness business right on their client’s mobile phone.


Who would have thought fitness and smartphones would actually work together. Usually when I see someone training and they have their phone in their hand I think, “Can’t you put your phone away for an hour workout?” “And then the idea hit me; a Fitness Business App for the fitness entrepreneur who really wants to take their business to the next level. Think about it! Almost everyone has a smartphone and what an awesome opportunity to market a fitness businesses,” said Georgette Pann. Georgette Pann, owner of Nutrifitness, LLC at http://thenutrifitness.com, has more than 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry. She has developed many successful programs that have not only helped her clients get into the best shape of their life, but she has helped countless business owners increase their clientele and substantially increase their profits. Georgette is always looking for ways to continuously grow her business as well as helping other fitness professionals do the same. Her “thinking outside the box” mentality has done it again with the introduction of the Fitness Business Apps http://fitnessbusinessapps.com, Smartphone apps for the Pro Fitness Industry. Fitness Business Apps takes fitness marketing to a whole new level. The app provides the fitness owner with countless benefits to increase clients and profits. With the Fitness Business App, fitness professionals have the ability to:

  • Provide customers with GPS directions to their facilities.
  • Connect with customers directly through their mobile app with push notification messages that go directly to the customer’s phone.
  • Keep customers aware of class changes and new offerings.
  • Give customers special information only through your downloaded mobile health and fitness apps.
  • GPS Coupons through the GPS check in system, which is great for loyalty programs.
  • Event updates that keep customers up to date with mobile apps for the fitness industry.
  • Instant access to all details about your fitness business – right on the customers’ smartphone 24/7.
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube™ and Podcast integration.
  • Sell memberships – fast and easy way to make money.

The Fitness Business Apps professionals set up a customized mobile app to fit each fitness entrepreneur’s business so it is truly unique to their company. The setup is simple and easy to manage which is important for busy fitness professionals. Here’s just a start of what the setup includes:

  • Mobile App Home Screen Design
  • Setup and integration of all mobile apps including 250 words of text
  • Two photo gallery images
  • Custom icon design
  • Multiple locations – easily add all your locations
  • And much more…

Pann says, “In today’s economic times and the competition in the fitness industry you have to find ways to brand your business and be one step ahead of the competition. Having your own Fitness Business Apps does that for you. It tells your customers you want to provide them with convenience and state of the art technology to communicate with them.” The Fitness Business Apps takes the small fitness business to a level not yet seen. Impress your clients, become more efficient, and increase profits. For more information on Fitness Business Apps, go to http://fitnessbusinessapps.com.



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