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Fitness Games-“Suicide Baseball”

Fitness Games-“Suicide Baseball”
by Scott York

Here’s an awesome game (workout) that we played this morning.

It’s called “Suicide Baseball” and all you need are some cones and some cards.

To view video just click this link:  http://www.screencast.com/t/NDY3ZWEwN

note – if you have problems viewing the video, try using Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Google Chrome sometimes does not work.  Turn up  your speakers to hear the audio!

Have fun! 

   And speaking of fun, you gotta  try the games and workout games in “Fitness Games” , you’ll kick yourself for not having bought it sooner.

When you add up all of the games and valuable bonuses (like the incredible JOINT VENTURE LETTER) and what they can do for your boot camp business, you’ll realize that for a fraction of what you probably charge for 1 person to attend your boot camp – it’s a must have!

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   Fitness Games

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