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Today is the final day for you to save $100 on the
Fitness Sales Formula system.

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Here’s a list of everything that’s included in the system:

Fitness Sales Formula Module #1: The BIG 5 Closing
(Value: $997)

In Module #1 you’ll be taken through the 5 Step Fitness
Sales Formula Closing System.

This simple 5 step system will allow you to instantly
build rapport with your prospects – then systematically
determine their needs – those critical hot buttons
that turn prospects into paying clients.

Then you’ll discover EXACTLY how to build MAXIMUM VALUE
in your program so that when it comes time to ask for the
sale every objection has been eliminated and your prospect
is eager to say ‘YES.’

The BIG 5 Closing System will guide you every step of the
way, guaranteeing that you never stumble and ensuring that
every Sales Presentation is YOUR BEST PRESENTATION.

And to make absolutely certain that you’re able to master the
BIG 5 Closing System, I’ve broken each of the 5 steps down
into separate presentations so you can grasp every little profit
producing nuance.

Fitness Sales Formula Module #2: Eliminating Objections
(Value: $197)

In Module #2 you’ll discover the truth about objections
and how you can eliminate them 98% of the time.

And in those rare instances you’re do encounter an objection,
this module with teach you the Step-By-Step System for
turning the occasional ‘I need to think about it’ or ‘ I need to
speak with my spouse’ into an opportunity to build more value
in your programs and connect with the prospect in a way that
readies them to buy.

Fitness Sales Formula Module #3: Maximizing Sales
(Value: $297)

In Module #3 you’ll learn how to make the most from
every selling opportunity.

You’ll discover things like:

* A simple technique that will instantly make you a 200%
better closer – and you can start using it immediately!

* The right presentation format for maximizing every minute
you spend meeting with prospects.

* The secret to selling bigger programs – and it’s easier
than you think.

* One simple tactic that you can integrate into your
presentations that will allow you to easily close 30% more
sales. This one thing allowed us to add $10,000 a month to
our bottom line in our training business.

* And much, much more…

Fitness Sales Formula Module #4: Selling Through The
(Value: $397)

Module #4 might just be the most valuable sales resource
every presented to the fitness industry. Right now, with so
many bootcamps and group training based programs utilizing
marketing tools like Free Trials, Low Cost Trials and Deal
Of The Day sites, selling personal training has changed.

Getting prospects in the door with tactics like these might
have gotten easier, but almost all fitness professionals are
struggling to turn a respectable percentage of these Free
or Low Cost Trials into long-term paying clients.

In this Module you’ll discover the first ever comprehensive
system designed to close a MAXIMUM number of these Trials.

The 7 Step Trial Conversion System will be your blueprint for
turning things like Deal of the Day promos into Game Changers
for your business instead of just being what they are for most
trainers – a overwhelming influx of low paying people that are
gone within a couple of weeks leaving nothing other than anger
from your current paying clients for watering down their
experience with tire kickers.

Fitness Sales Formula Module #5: Sales Presentation Video
(Value: $497)

In Module #5 you get video examples of EVERY sales presentation
you’ll ever need to build a multiple six or even seven figure
fitness business.

All you need to do is model the presentation you want to
use and you’re ready to start closing sales.

These videos will guide you every step of the way, so you never
need to struggle again.

Just check out the 7 example presentations you will have
at your disposal:

1. Example One-On-One Sales Presentation

2. Example Semi-Private Sales Presentation

3. Example Bootcamp Sales Presentation

4. Example Group Selling Presentation

5. Example Referral Request Presentation

6. Example Up Sell At The Point Of Sale Presentation

7. Example Back End Sale Presentation

All you need to do is practice the presentation you plan
to use a few times and you’re ready to start closing
more sales!

You Will Also Receive These FREE Bonus Gifts

The Fitness Sales Toolbox (Value: $397)

You’ll receive all the scripts and tools you need to
execute the Fitness Sales Formula System.

Here are the tools you’ll receive:

Ready To Use Sales Scripts:

* One-On-One Sales Script
* Semi-Private Sales Script
* Bootcamp Sales Script
* Group Selling Script
* Referral Request Script
* Up Sell At The Point Of Sale Script
* Back End Sale Script

Ready To Use Sales Tools:

* FSF Prospect Questionnaire
* FSF Example Personal Training Agreement
* FSF Program Presentation Sheet
* FSF Sales Tracking Sheet

Honestly – any one of those modules is worth far more
than the entire investment – so grab your copy before the
price goes up at Midnight tonight.


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