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Five Surefire Ways to Power Up Your Fitness Bootcamp Marketing

Five Surefire Ways to Power Up Your Fitness Bootcamp Marketing

 by Georgette Pann
creator of the Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Business System 2.0


If you’re like most fitness bootcamp instructors, you’re always looking for ways to get more paying clients into your classes. The good news is that you don’t need to have a huge advertising budget to fill your bootcamps. Read on to discover five surefire ways to bring more revenue to your fitness business…



1. Do Joint Ventures


Take a look around the local neighborhood, and you’re sure to discover other businesses who’re serving the same audience. For example, people who go to a sports fitness store, a supplement shop or a weight loss meeting are all candidates for your bootcamp.


So here’s an idea: partner up with these other business owners and recommend each other’s products and services. For example, the supplement shop can tuck flyers for your bootcamp into every customer bag, and you can directly recommend that your clients get their whey protein, vitamins and other supplements at this specific store.


Power Tip: When you partner up with a business owner, you can both boost sales by offering each other’s customers an exclusive discount or other perk.



2. Offer Volume Discounts to Company Employees


These days, many large companies are on the lookout for fitness programs which they can offer to their employees. You can contact big businesses in your area directly to offer volume discounts to employees for joining your bootcamp. You can even hold the bootcamp on the company grounds, if that’s what the business owners and employees desire.


3. Sell Gift Certificates


Another great way to bump up sales is to sell gift certificates. Better yet, you can offer additional certificates to anyone who purchases a minimum amount. For example, if someone buys $100 worth of gift certificates from you, then you can toss in an extra $20 gift card for free.


Power Tip: Create special gift certificates for themed bootcamps, such as your bride bootcamp or sports bootcamp. Then gift givers can give a certificate for a class that matches the recipient’s goals or lifestyle.




4. Reward Referrals


One of the most powerful ways to get more people into your class is by word-of-mouth from satisfied clients. This happens naturally, but you can ensure it happens more often by offering rewards for referrals. These rewards may range from discounts to gift certificates to products, or even just cash.


For example, you can set up a program where if a camper brings in two or three of her friends into the class, then the person who referred their friends gets to take the class for free.



5. Start a Loyalty Program


Here’s a universal business truth: the people who’re most likely to buy your products or services are your existing (satisfied) customers.  That’s why you’ll want to consider starting a loyalty program, which will encourage existing bootcampers to join even more of your bootcamps or buy your other services.


For a general example of how this works, just look at airline and hotel rewards programs. Or you can even look at your favorite local coffee shop, which likely offers you a free coffee once you’ve purchased five or ten cups of coffee.


You can do something similar. For example, you might offer “points” for each dollar your clients spend on bootcamps, personal training sessions, and any other products or services you offer. Once clients accumulate a certain number of points, they can use these points to get free or discounted bootcamp sessions.





Getting the word out about your business doesn’t need to be expensive. Indeed, some of the very best marketing strategies are free or low cost, including the ones mentioned above.


Of course these five methods are just the tip of the marketing iceberg. To learn even more powerful ways to fill your classes, plus find out everything you need to know about setting up your own successful bootcamp, check out my Sure Victory Bootcamp Business in a Box 2.0 and Inner Circle Coaching  at http://thefitnessbootcamp.com/. This is a great investment in your business and yourself!




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