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Four Good Bootcamp Exercises To Add To Your Home Bootcamp Workout

Boot camp exercises give you a quick and efficient method to get your body into condition while burning fat and training from home. A properly created boot camp workout will incorporate elements of strength, conditioning, and endurance while trying to keep the pace quick for cardio conditioning. You can receive a Free Boot Camp Workout right here or keep reading to learn more about them. Boot camp workouts allow you to have just about the most well rounded workout routines possible. By simply exercising from your home you are able to achieve immediate fat loss as well as muscular conditioning without actually touching weight equipment or traveling to the health club.

Here is a exercise routine to obtain a fast total body workout carrying out a circuit with bodyweight exercises. Most bootcamp workout courses are based on body weight exercises due to the ability to do them anywhere without equipment. Our bodies must use a lot of stabilizers to undergo the range of movement which will not only tone up more muscles but will also burn up more calories giving an excellent fat burning effect. Fat loss workouts do not need to be boring aerobic classes. Boot camp workouts are more interesting through challenging your body and also your mind by making oneself push harder.

Boot Camp Exercise #1 – The Pull Up

The pull up is really a phenomenal part of a bootcamp exercise regime especially if you are in fact working out to go to the military. The Marines will have you pulling yourself up a bar daily to strengthen your biceps and upper back. This is a functional strength exercise that is essential to provide you with strength for climbing up ropes and pulling one’s body over tough terrain. In the event you workout at home and you don’t have a pull up bar to pull your self up on get an Iron Gym pull up bar.

The deluxe model supports a number of grips and it fits right into a doorway. Put it up in the door during your exercise routine and take it down immediately after. I suggest doing pull-ups a minimum of two or three times each week to strengthen the upper body. You’ll really feel this bodyweight exercise working your upper back muscles, your biceps, rear deltoids, and even your abs will get sore from the stabilization of pulling your self up.

Boot Camp Exercise #2 – Push-ups and all sorts of Variations

Everyone knows the push up. It’s part of every bootcamp exercise program and is what can help build your chest, shoulders, triceps, and once again your abdominals will be a stabilizer for this motion. Keep your body in a straight line while executing the push up and palms slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Lower your body down gradually and push up explosively to further improve power and strength development. If you can’t do that many pushups do as many as you can and switch to a kneeling push-up.

There are a number of grips and widths you can use for pushups while you get more advanced. A closer hand grip will work your triceps more intensely to build your arms. Then when you can do normal pushups fairly easily start including a greater challenge with feet elevated pushups. Put your feet up on a chair or bench and while continuing to keep your body aligned do them slow and controlled.

Boot Camp Exercise #3 – Y Squat

Now it’s time to add lower bodyweight exercises to the circuit. The Y squat will provide you with an opportunity to work your glutes, hams, and quads while once again your core will act as a stabilizer. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms up in the air forming a very wide Y. Now sit back into a deep squatting position careful not to lean forward. If you lean too far forwards you will start to feel the weight in your toes and balls of the feet. Shift your weight back to your heels and drive from your glutes when coming back to the starting position.

Boot Camp Exercise #4 – Planks

The plank is a superb exercise that not only works the abs but the entire core from the hips to the lower back and obliques. I remember back in martial arts training when I was a teen my instructor called this exercise “The Iron Bridge” and we would hold for as long as possible.

You’ll start this exercise by lying face down on the ground or a mat with your elbows positioned underneath your chest. Then you’ll prop your self up onto your elbows and forearms while keeping on your toes. Always maintain a flat back and do not let your hips sag down. Hold this for 30 seconds if you’re able to but if you are new to this exercise you may have to start with a few reps of 10 seconds which will probably be all it takes to really feel your muscles working and possibly have a bit of soreness the very next day.

Start Your Boot Camp Workout at Home

These 4 exercises can actually be grouped together as a circuit performing one right after another resting about 15 to 30 seconds in between exercises based on your level of cardiovascular fitness. Go through the entire circuit Three to five times or time your self and see how many times you are able to go through it in 12 to 15 minutes. This is simply one example of how to use boot camp exercises to set up your own Boot Camp Workout at home. For more boot camp exercise programs visit my site which includes more information and programs on boot camp exercises as well as a free boot camp workout.

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