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TactFit Commando workout

Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge..

You and I both know there’s no shortage of garbage fitness programs out there…

And with the internet giving every joker a free platform, it’s harder than ever to separate the sh** from the shinola.

Thankfully you don’t have to.

I pride myself on digging up the coolest new programs at the absolute cutting edge of the industry. And in the fitness world, you don’t talk “cutting edge” without talking about my friends Scott and Ryan.

Scott Sonnon trained for six years with the former USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) and Special Operations Unit (Spetsnaz) Physical Conditioning and Performance Enhancement Specialists at the RETAL (Physical Skill Consultant Scientific & Practical Training) Center, and he became the first American to be licensed by the Russian government in these studies. He’s also one of a handful of individuals outside the former USSR to earn the coveted “Honourable Master of Sport” —the highest athletic distinction recognized in the former Soviet Union.

Scott is an international champion martial artist in both Russian Sambo and Chinese Sanshou kickboxing, and his peak performance enhancement methods are proving themselves again and again where it counts: in the real world, on and off the field.

Ryan Murdock is the coauthor of the bestselling fitness ebooks Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss, and the Clubbell Training Black Book. He’s a widely published travel writer who puts his training to the test in some of the world’s most unforgiving places. He’s walked across grizzly-infested stretches of Canada’s remote Northwest Territories, led jeep expeditions through central Mongolia and its south Gobi regions, and ventured by camel into the sandy wastes of the Taklamakan Desert, a place whose name means “those who go in don’t come out.”

These guys are the real deal, and so is their work.

And it’s their work that I want to talk to you about…

“TACFIT” stands for “tactical fitness,” and TACFIT Commando is based on actual programs Scott Sonnon is using right now to train Israeli counter-terrorism and secret service, American special ops personnel, Italian bodyguards to the Prime Minister, US federal agents, firemen, law enforcement agencies and MMA fighters.

TACFIT is designed to sculpt a shredded, functional commando physique that looks great on the beach but is also serious “go muscle”—not just “show muscle.”

Want to move like Mission Impossible? TACFIT will teach you how.

http://georgettepann.com/tactfitcommando <—- Get bootcamp workout ideas

For the next few days, you can take the Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge.

It’s a , bodyweight-only tactical fitness program of three-dimensional movements done for repeated bursts of short duration—serious workouts for those who aren’t afraid to push limits others call impossible.

Want to test your mettle against some of the most experienced elite operators in the world?

Download the TACFIT Challenge now…


==> http://georgettepann.com/tactfitcommando

http://georgettepann.com/tactfitcommando<—- Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge


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Simply want to say your article is as amazing.

Tacfit Commando Tabata - MMA Training Talk says:

[…] Scott Sonnon is your extreme fat loss in a short time or to build muscles especially around the midriff. This specific procedure […]

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