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Full Body Weight Only STRENGTH Workout

Full Body Weight Only STRENGTH Workout
by Forest Vance, author, Body Weight Strong

Your goals include gaining lean muscle, improving your functional strength, and losing some body fat.

You also want to FEEL good, and avoid the aches and pains and potential for injury that can come with lifting weights.

And, you like the idea of a “minimalist” training approach.

For all of these reasons, body weight exercise appeals to you.

All that being said … you are to the point where plain old squats and push ups are too easy … but you’re not to the point of doing some of these crazy calisthenics tricks you see on the internet, like one arm muscle ups or pistol squat box jumps.

So I designed today’s workout specifically for YOU!!

This training session is more in the “style” of phase one of Body Weight Strong … medium rep range (approx 8-12), focus is on time under tension for gaining some lean muscle … and the exercises you choose, you should be able to perform for this range.

In other words, if you can only do handstand push up, you want to regress down a bit so you can get your reps up. Same goes for the single leg squat variations, and everything else.

Let’s do this!

Full Body Weight ONLY Strength Workout

1 – Warm up – do each exercise for about 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds between moves, repeat sequence twice:

— easy jog
— spiderman climbs
— “short” bridges
— leg swings
— jumping jacks

2 – Skill work / practice

Here, while you’re very fresh, is a great time to practice any higher – skill moves you are working on. Do this for 3-5 minutes.

Examples (what I’m working on personally right now):

— dragon flags
— free handstand holds
— human flag variations

3 – Main workout – two pairs of movements … alternate back and forth between the two exercises in each pair … do 8-12 reps of each exercise … rest for about as long as it takes you to complete each set (1:1 work to rest ratio) … do three to four rounds of each:

— Handstand push ups w static hold at end of set – for this one, until you can get a good 8 reps, you can do just a few, and then hold at the top for another 15-20 seconds … you could also do wall walks, or pike presses, or any other HSPU progression
— Box jumps on to picnic table (on to the bench – easier – or on to the actual table itself – harder)

— Overhand thumbless grip body weight rows
— Single leg squat standing on picnic table bench (off leg hangs off side and reaches towards the ground)

4 – Finish with sprints … you’ll do six to eight 100 yard sprints, building up the intensity and speed with each one … and rest about 30 seconds between each one.

5 – Static stretch tight muscle groups for 3-5 minutes
There you have a full body weight only strength workout you can crank out any time, any place.

If you are to the point where plain old squats and push ups are too easy … but you’re not to the point of doing some of these crazy calisthenics tricks you see on the internet, like one arm muscle ups or one arm, two finger push ups … this is a GREAT workout for you!

Thanks, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance



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