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Getting The Word Out – Marketing Your Fitness Boot Camp

Getting The Word Out – Marketing Your Fitness Boot Camp


If you are a fitness boot camp owner, or if you are looking to start your own boot camp, you must know how to continually market it. 


The fitness world is full of competition. 


Even small towns have two or three gyms and some smaller studios, so if you are going to get your boot camp off the ground and keep your classes filled, you will have to get the word out to every potential client in your area. 

The most basic way to market your fitness boot camp is through word of mouth, a technique on which every industry relies.  However, the second simple way to be competitive is to create a better product/experience. 

In fact, these two techniques complement each other well.


A Better Boot Camp


Everyone you know probably has a mental picture of what a fitness boot camp looks like:  very challenging; lots of sprints, pushups, and sit-ups; very structured; only for fitness buffs. 

 If you take the best parts of a traditional boot camp and add something new and interesting, you and your boot camp will be on a new level. 

What can you add that will make your boot camp better than all the others in town? 

How about fun? 

It is not hard to turn a fitness boot camp into a fun but still challenging class.  All you need is a resource like Fitness Games.  These games are tough and interesting, and they will have your students laughing, competing, and having such a great time they will not even realize they are working out. 

 As soon as you incorporate fitness games into your boot camp, your clients will realize you are offering a better product than your competitors.


Spread The Word

Once you have started adding fitness games to your boot camp repertoire, be prepared for an influx of new customers.  

Just imagine what will happen to your business if all of your current boot camp participants come home and tell their family and friends about what a great, fun class you offer.  

Word of mouth is your most powerful marketing tool once you have created a great product.

First, you will start picking up those friends, neighbors and co-workers  who’ve been wanting to get into good shape.

They’ve heard about your class but they’ve had images of hulking drill instructors yelling at them to do “one more rep”. 

Hardly an enjoyable experience for most. 

Once they start experiencing your boot camp class, have fun and get the results they’re after, they’ll start spreading the word which will  simultaneously bring in a steady stream of new prospects.

 I recently had an email from a fellow boot camp owner about how to increase her clientele. 

Here’s part of her email:


“Hi Scott,

I just started my boot camp June 15.

So far I did 1 session MWF 6-7 am. I have 13 ladies. Any
pointers as to setting up different times/ locations would be much
appreciated. Plus, I am getting bored w/ the exercises.
We do 6 station circuits and I always am mixing up the exercises. Any
tips/websites to visit to freshen up the ideas? Thanks so much Scott.

I was so excited to see what you have done in the past 5 years with
your boot camp. When you recorded w/ Jim I think you had just started.
Way to go. I aspire to be as successful as you!”

Anne P.


My response to Anne was primarily to bring the fun to boot camp classes.


Most big gyms do not have the ability to play fitness type games.

This is your chance to “bring the fun” and to separate yourself from the big gym chains.

People will talk.

 People will spread the word. 

The Extras

It is easy to build a better boot camp and rely on marketing by word of mouth, but with your investment and purchase of Fitness Games, you will get additional tools designed to bring astonishing marketing results . 


Besides being full of games to play with your boot camp classes, you will get tips and tricks on how to market your boot camp from marketing experts like Dr. Joe Vitale. 

Combine these free extras with over thirty-five excellent games you will find in Fitness Games and you might have to start thinking about expanding your boot camp business.

Go grab it here  http://georgettepann.com/fitgames

Not a bad “problem” to have, huh?

P.S.  “Hey Scott…wanted to give ya a little update on the Fitness Boot Camp Joint Venture Letter (Bonus).


First off, I tried really, really hard to take the letter & put it all in my own words, but you had it worded too well!  


I have to admit I did quite a bit of copying there.  Lol. But I’m glad that I

did because I sent it out to a bunch of businesses,  apartment complexes, etc and I’ve had a HUGE response. 


I’ve had  NINE of them contact me...all wanting bootcamp training for their

employees and residents.  So let me just give you a big THANK YOU for your help, and also I’d kinda like your input on maybe what I should do.  NINE bootcamps??”

 Jeff McDaniel

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