Gladiator Playground Training..

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Gladiator Playground Training..

Playgrounds nowadays seem to be filled with trash. Yep, you heard me correctly. Or shall I say, “read” me correctly

I see trash hanging out at playgrounds, sitting on the monkey bars, smoking cigarettes, writing with marker on the park benches or picnic tables, throwing garbage on the ground and completely abusing the outdoors.

I feel playgrounds are like the lost gems of strength. I have gotten some of my best every workouts by bringing a kettlebell, sandbag and sled to the local playground.

The freedom is truly endless, there are no rules, no crappy music to stop my thunder, fresh air to breathe compared to the dead air of the uninspiring gym crowded with wimps, cry babies and cell phone lovers.

I mean, come on now, how the heck can you get psyched to squat 400 lbs when you’re on the phone with your buddy right before your set?

I throw my kettlebell around, push, pull, carry and yes, I did say throw. Throwing kettlebells is awesome for developing power. You can’t throw a kettlebell around when I’m in a crowded stinkin’ gym, right?

Then we’ve got pull up bars, parallel bars, picnic tables, stones and open terrain. Just imagine the kick butt training you can let loose with when the possibilities are wide open!

Try this playground workout and let me know how it goes for you.

And, I don’t have to remind you to shut off your cell phone do I?

Didn’t think so, let’s get busy!

1A) sandbag zercher squat 3 x 10

1B) mixed grip pull ups 3 x max

2A) sandbag walking lunges 2 x 20

2B) hand walking on parallel bars 2 x back and forth x 1

2C) recline rowing on parallel bars 2 x max reps

3) car / truck push in parking lot 3 x 200’

That workout oughtta kick your butt thoroughly

Hey, that’s what I’m here for!

Just go here….



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