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Here’s EXACTLY how to set up a Bootcamp Workout

 Here’s EXACTLY how to set up a Bootcamp Workout + MRT Bootcamp Workouts

Here’s one great way to set up your bootcamp workouts:


Warm-up – do each exercise for 20 seconds, resting for 30 seconds

between each circuit. Do this circuit twice:

1A) Prisoner Squat

1B) Jumping Jacks

1C) Pushups

1D) Total Body Extensions


MRT Circuit – do each exercise for 30 seconds, resting for 1

minute between each circuit. Do this circuit 3 times:


2A) Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat (1-1/2 rep style)

2B) DB, Strap or Band Row (30 secs/side)

2C) Triple Stop Pushup


Metabolic Conditioning – do each exercise for 30 seconds, resting

for 1 minute between each circuit. Do this circuit 3 times:

3A) Lunge Jumps or Split Shuffle

3B) Close-Grip Pushups

3C) Goblet Squat

3D) Spiderman Climb


What next? Well,after you’ve done a high-energy warm-up,

metabolic resistance training circuit, and a round of fat burning

metabolic conditioning exercises, you’ll want to use this 




A) The Punisher-X

20 seconds of Total Body Extensions

10 second hold in the bottom of the squat position

Repeat 4 times.

Or repeat up to 8 times if your bootcampers are advanced

Follow that with…


B) The Pushup-Row Addiction Test


Set a timer for 2 minutes.

Choose one pushup variation and one bodyweight row variation (TRX, etc.)

Have your campers do as many reps of each exercise (alternating) as possible

They should not go to failure in either exercise.

For example, if a camper can do 10 pushups straight, have them do sets of 5-7

Rest as little as possible

Record total reps and try to beat this again – leaving 7 days before repeating


C) And finish with this series of Bootcamp Games:

Human Conveyor Belt (team building game)

Human Bobsled (small group competition)

Stability Wrestle (partner playoff game)

Get the descriptions – and done-for-you bootcamp games – that willhelp you get more results with your bootcamps here

2.MRT Bootcamp Workout + Finisher
It’s a hybrid of metabolic resistance training, metabolic
conditioning and a metabolic finisher. (feel free to time the exercises instead of reps if you so choose)
Jumping Jacks (15)
Bodyweight Squats (10)
Pushups (10)
Run in Place (20 seconds)
Plank (20 secs)
Rest 30 seconds and repeat one more time
MRT Circuit 1
1A) Goblet Squat (8) (Squat holding a DB in front of your chest)
1B) DB Row (8/side)
1C) DB Chest Press (10)
1D) Stability Ball Leg Curl (12)
Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times
MRT Superset
2A) DB Walking Lunge (10/side)
2B) 1-Arm DB Shoulder Press (8/side)
Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times
Metabolic Conditioning Circuit
3A) KB or DB Swings (20)
3B) Mountain Climbers (10/side)
3C) Box or Bench Jumps (8)
3D) Jumping Jacks (50)
Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times
Metabolic Finisher
Do the following superset as many times as possible
in 4 minutes, resting only when needed.
4A) Jump Squats (6)
4B) Explosive Pushups (6)
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