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Here’s EXACTLY How to Transform Clients’s Lives And Practically Eliminate Your Competition


Transform Clients’s Lives And Practically Eliminate
Your Competition As Your Community’s Rapid Fat Loss Expert

Geoff Neupert 

How would you like to not only guarantee your success as a personal trainer, bootcamp operator, or fitness coach, but become the “go-to-man” or “woman” in your area, the “Expert,” virtually eliminating the competition?


Of course you would – who wouldn’t?


I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it.


First, you might be wondering who I am and why I am qualified to tell you this information.


My name is Geoff Neupert and I’ve made a living in the fitness industry since 1993. I’ve owned and operated personal training and group fitness studios, and after retiring last year from in-person one-on-one personal training sessions, of which, I have over 22,000 since 2001 alone, I now operate my business solely online split between private coaching and programs. My specialty is kettlebell training. I am a Master Kettlebell Instructor with StrongFirst, the company owned by Pavel Tsatsouline, the Father of the modern-day kettlebell resurgence, and I’ve taught thousands of people all around the world how to use kettlebells.  Finally, I’ve trained all sorts of individuals – athletes (college as a division 1 strength coach, high school, middle school, and pro), grandmothers, type-A entrepreneurs, military special operators, and even post-rehab.


Ok, enough of that – I just wanted to give you a little background so you could see that I’m not some “internet guru” who’s only been training people for 3 years.


Back to the matter at hand:


How To Be THE Fitness Expert In Your Town


The #1 way is to increase your reputation is word of mouth. Word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing known to man. A great reputation can make you. (It did me.) And a bad reputation can break you (especially in today’s internet age).


How do you increase word-of-mouth – or referrals?


One word: RESULTS.


However, results aren’t good enough anymore. Just about every trainer can get some form of results for their clients/customers.


No, you need life-changing, transformational results.


And the #1 way to get those is… Quickly.


As quickly as possible.


That’s right – we live in America and everything is near instantaneous. We have fast-food drive-thru’s and iPhones and we operate at the speed of sound.


See being a fat loss expert is no longer good enough. If you want to be the best, and you want your reputation to explode via word-of-mouth marketing, then you must become known for rapid fat loss.


We’re talking 4 to 5 pounds a week kind of rapid fat loss. How’s 36 pounds in 28 days sound to you? Well that’s the best any of my clients have done.


Unfortunately, there’s a catch.


97% of people at any given time don’t have what it takes either energy or time-wise to do what’s necessary to lose 4 to 5 pounds a week. They’re lives are too hectic and too stressful, which coincidentally, is why they are coming to see you – to keep themselves accountable and defer to your expertise in hopes that you can help them achieve the transformation they so deeply desire.


So what do you do?




You settle.


You settle for 2 to 3 pounds a week – with another catch:


You Make Your Clients’ Workouts As Time-efficient As Possible


I’m talking 60 to 90 minutes a week – tops.


How do you do that?



You have to become a master at program design.


That’s right – you have to know how the body responds to exercise and how to coax it to jettison fat at warp speed – like droids in an escape pod fleeing from imperial forces toward a desert planet… (Sorry, Star Wars geek moment, there.)


Unfortunately, that requires a lot of time and a lot of experience that many trainers, in a profession with a career lifespan of a whopping 3 years, will just never get.


Worse yet, if you are an actual business owner, your time needs to be spent running and operating your business – finding new clients and servicing current ones. In other words, your time needs to be spent on keeping the doors open.


So how are you supposed to find time to do all this?


Well, unless you do what all successful people do, you’re sunk.


How do you do that?


Model What The Most Successful Have Done And Then Do The Same


The fastest way to get where you want to go is to find someone who is where you want to be, then model, or replicate, their steps in the process. Although no two people and no two situations are exactly the same, they are close enough, that when followed, you shouldn’t step on any “land mines” – problems that can be fatal or nearly so.


This is of course why the “Sure Victory Boot Camp” program and others are so successful – they give you a blueprint and a proven system to follow that produces results.


However, it’s sad to me to see that many of today’s fitness pro’s and boot camp operators have little to no experience designing true, honest-to-goodness fat loss programs. The Daily Workout in many cases is just made up on the spot full of poor form, inappropriate exercise selection, and atrocious loading parameters. As a result, many “campers” get injured and never come back to your bootcamp. This is not how you build a positive, word-of-mouth reputation for success.


This is especially true when you start introducing popular tools like kettlebells. Kettlebells are my #1 go to choice for rapid fat loss.


Many reasons, not the least of which is the explosive exercises like swings and snatches and cleans and jerks. These explosive exercises strip off body fat like a blowtorch through butter when they are taught correctly and programmed correctly.


Teaching is relatively easy, especially after you’ve been through a professional kettlebell course or certification (like StrongFirst or the RKC). Programming on the other hand takes time to understand and practice to master. And unfortunately, if you insist on doing tons of swings for months and months on end, you’ll lose your customers because they’ll become bored silly. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t do swings – they’re the foundational kettlebell exercise – the one all the others are built upon, so do enough of them until they’re automatic for your customers and clients.)


Furthermore, if you have ongoing enrollment into your classes and everyone works in the same group, you’ll need to have different workouts for different skill levels. The newbies who are out-of-shape will have a different, and hopefully easier workout, because their fitness, or lack thereof dictates it, and the people who have been with you six months or more will have another program – something requiring more skill and that’s more challenging. Better yet, if you can swing it, you’ll have different classes made up of different skill levels – a beginner/entry level class, an intermediate class, and an advanced class, each with different workouts, based on their fitness levels.


All that to say, if you want to be King of the Hill, you have to have a well thought out plan of ascent for your customers to continue to reach that next level. Which brings me to my next point:


You Must Have Scalable Time-Efficient Rapid Fat Loss Programs


Here’s an example of what I mean, using KBs of course:


(You’ll obviously do your warm-up and cool-downs on your own on either side of these workouts.)




Format: You-go-I-go (people partner up, while one person works, the other person rests)


Exercises – perform as circuit. Each person performs one whole circuit then rests while their partner performs a circuit.


Turkish Get Up x 2 each side

2 Hand Swings x 20

Goblet Squats x 10


Total circuits: 5




Format: You-go-I-go with each exercise – perform “vertically” – one set of A1, then rest, then A2, then rest, then A3, then repeat for prescribed number of rounds.

Use a pair of kettlebells for this workout.




A1. Clean + Press x 5

A2. Front Squat x 5

A3. Swings x 10


Total rounds: 5




Format: Group of 3 people, “round-robin” style – first person, then second, then third.

Use a pair of kettlebells for this workout.




Swings                x 5

Snatches            x 5

Push Presses     x 5

Front Squats       x 5


Perform as a complex: 5 Swings, no rest, then 5 snatches, no rest, then 5 push presses, no rest, then 5 front squats. Then rest. Person 2 goes. Person 3 goes after Person 2.


Perform 5 rounds.


You’ll notice that I used complexes – an advanced programming technique in my last example. Why?




Complexes Are The Most Time-Efficient Rapid Fat Loss Method Available


It’s true. I’ve been using them with my clients and athletes (wrestlers, who need to drop weight quickly) for the last 17 years – since 1997. Why? Because they work.


And for the amount of time invested and the ease of use, they work like gangbusters.


Run your advanced – heck, even some of your intermediate clients and customers – through kettlebell complexes three times per week and you’ve hit pay dirt my friend!


What kind of results can you expect to see? One of my female clients – in her mid-40s – lost 8% bodyfat in 6 weeks using complexes and we only twice a week.


However, there is a catch when using complexes – don’t fall into the trap that most trainers who use these make: They use the same complex with the same sets and reps every time. This does not stimulate enough adaptation for rapid fat loss. You need to have some easy complexes, some hard ones, and some moderately-difficult ones, all in the same week.


This has been proven to yield the best results – the fastest adaptations in the body – by Soviet sports scientist Dr. Arkady Vorobyev.


Like I mentioned before, your time as a business owner is limited, especially if you have a family. And the best way to lose them is to become married to your business, letting it run you instead of vice versa. Hopefully, you are modeling a “done-for-you” business plan, not wasting your time trying to re-invent the wheel. Doesn’t it make good sense to apply that very same principle to your clients’ and customers’ workouts?


Remember, the key to success is modeling, and the key to success in getting your clients’ and customers’ results is to use…


Use “Done-For-You” Time-Efficient Rapid Fat Loss Program Design


Don’t try to reinvent the wheel here either.


You could waste your time and energy and spend hours, months, and even years experimenting with time-efficient rapid fat loss programming.


Fortunately, you don’t have to.


Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been doing this professionally for over 20 years. And I’m known in the kettlebell niche as a program design expert.


If you want to get rapid results in fat loss for your customers and your clients, then you should check out my book,
More Kettlebell Muscle.

It’s a manual filled with 20 different 6 to 12 week kettlebell complex programs. There’s over 3 years of programming in here, along with some priceless coaching cues from my years in the trenches.


Using these “done-for-you” programs, you’ll help you clients and customers lose between 2 to 3 pounds of fat a week in less than 90 minutes of actual working out. Especially when you put them on your customized rapid fat loss diet.


What’s that? You don’t have one of those – at least not one that’s easy to use? Don’t worry – use mine. I’ll give you what I’ve used myself personally and what I use with my clients.


The best part about all getting this “done-for-you” KB package?


Not only will you look like a genius – some kind of wizard – to your customers, who will gladly send their friends to you, you’ll actually have a life outside of your business, which is the way it’s supposed to be. 

  Geoff speciall offer is here: http://georgettepann.com/kbmspecial

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