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Higher Stick-Rate, More Referrals, Happier Clients

Higher Stick-Rate, More Referrals, Happier Clients


If you are not doing this in your gym or bootcamp… You are missing out on thousands of extra dollars per month.


As business owners, we all want to see higher stick-rates, more referrals come through the door, and happier clients.


And the easiest way to make this happen comes down to one single word…




According to a recent study, researchers concluded that the #1 overall motivator for gym-goers was seeing progress and results.


It wasn’t the motivational memes or pump up music or even there trainer. It was seeing RESULTS and PROGRESS.


And as their trainer, it’s your job to make that happen.


When you bring your clients the results they want, they will stick around longer, start automatically referring all their friends to you, and each new week they will walk in with a smile on their face as they report more good news.


So how can you continually bring your clients results and keep them happy?


After training thousands of clients over the last several years, I’ve found that having specific fitness goals is one of the best ways to ensure that your clients are always seeing progress.


Aside from the typical “lose 20 pounds of fat” or “burn 5% body fat” goals, there are other goals you can help your clients achieve.


And what I have found, even more so than the weight loss goals, is that clients become more motivated when reaching the more specific goals.


So a few examples:


-Go through a 30-day challenge

-Do 50 straight pushups

-Do your first pull-up or do 10 straight pull-ups

-Perform 5 pistol squats

-Double your barbell squat

-Perform a muscle up

-Run a tough mudder

-Learn how to do a handstand

– The list goes on and on

 In fact you can see all 28 goals here that you should be helping your clients achieve for better success.


Why are these goals so important and why should you start including them?


Just recently, a fat loss client of mine decided he wanted to do 50 straight pushups.


On day one, he was able to do 27 in a row. So each day after our workouts together, we worked on his pushups.


By the end of week two, he did 36 pushups in a row.


At that point, the pushups at the end of the workout were what drove him to push harder in his workout sessions.


As a result, on day 28, he completed his 50-straight pushups and his motivation to workout was higher than ever before.


Often times it’s the smaller, more specific goals that will help keep your clients motivated as they see a ton of progress and results.


And as you trainers know, there are plenty of goals that you can help your clients achieve while getting them into incredible shape at the same time.




Progress + Results = Higher Stick-Rate, More Referrals, Happier Clients


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