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Holiday EMOM Workouts 2019

Holiday EMOM Workouts 2019

By Sarah Rippel, Author of The Ultimate Group Training System , Build ‘N Burn & The Brand NEW Build N Burn 2.0


It’s that time of year again!

Time for some holiday EMOMs!


For those who are wondering what an EMOM is, it stands for “every minute on the minute,” & is a very popular format for conditioning work.


With this structure, a timer is set (or you simply look at a clock) and you perform a given set of an exercise at the top of the minute. Once you are finished with your reps, you rest for the remainder of the minute. When the top of the next minute hits, you go again and repeat this cycle for the desired amount of rounds.


The EMOM format is an easy way to allow for built-in rest. This prevents people from going all-out during workouts that do not have this as the goal. This enables people to work at an appropriate intensity with each round.


An EMOM can be done using one exercise, or an alternating format can be used, where you perform one exercise on the first minute, another exercise on the next minute, & so on.


Although most people tend to think of the EMOM format as being the “on the minute” structure, there are numerous ways it can be implemented, depending on an individual’s fitness level, goals, the intent of the workout itself, etc.


For example, workouts can be structured using formats such as “every 30 seconds,” “every 90 seconds,” and “every 2:00,” to name a few.


In addition to being a great way to structure conditioning workouts, the EMOM format can be used for warm-ups and strength work. Not unlike conditioning pieces, strength EMOMs can become quite the stamina builders! With warm-ups, the goal is to use less intensity than with strength or conditioning work, with the gradual increase in heart rate over the course of the rounds that sets the stage for training to follow.


I will be bringing you a brand-new EMOM-focused resource in 2020 that will be jam-packed with workouts!


So, without further ado, I bring you three separate training pieces to celebrate the holiday season – a warm-up, a strength segment, and a conditioning piece…and you guessed it, each of them is based on the EMOM format!





“On the 0:00” – KB Double Rack Carry x 50-60yds

“On the 1:00” – Ultimate Sandbag Side Plank Row x 6-8/side

“On the 2:00” – Scapular Push-Up (quadruped or high plank) x 8-10

*Repeat for a total of 4 rounds!


Rationale & Tips:

  • Locomotion and core bracing are addressed with the kettlebell double rack carry. Maintaining proper alignment without extending at the lumbar spine is key here! This exercise is progressed by simply increasing the load.
  • Lateral hip/core stabilization & strengthening are benefits of the Ultimate Sandbag side plank row. This movement is a progression from the side plank iso-row. Tension is the name of the game here! Creating & maintaining the proper amount of tension throughout the body is facilitated by the tension generated by the iso-row/row. The side plank row can be progressed by changing the body position rather than increasing the load. Moving from both knees bent to top leg straight to staggered legs is the basic progression. Holding a stable side plank while performing the row is the goal here!
  • Upper back/scapular control & strengthening is the name of the game with the scapular push-up. This exercise can be progressed from the quadruped position to the high plank or forearms. It is important to note that there should be no movement at the spine as the scapular push-up is performed!



(Week 1 of 3-Week Progression)


“On the 0:00” – 2 Paused Back Squats @ 55% of 1RM Front Squat

“On the 1:00” – 2 Paused Back Squats @ 55% of 1RM Front Squat

“On the 2:00” – 2 Paused Back Squats @ 55% of 1RM Front Squat

“On the 3:00” – 2 Paused Back Squats @ 55% of 1RM Front Squat

“On the 4:00” – 2 Paused Back Squats @ 55% of 1RM Front Squat

“On the 5:00” – 2 Paused Back Squats @ 55% of 1RM Front Squat

“On the 6:00” – 2 Paused Back Squats @ 55% of 1RM Front Squat

“On the 10:00” – 8 Front Squats @ 53% of 1RM Front Squat

“On the 13:00” – 8 Front Squats @ 55% of 1RM Front Squat

“On the 16:00” – 8 Front Squats @57% of 1RM Front Squat


Rationale & Tips:

  • If you tend to get stuck in the “hole,” &/or want to build confidence here, then building speed and power in this part of the lift will help!
  • In this piece, you are going to start with paused back squats, which focus on the bottom range of the squat. Pause for a 1-2 count at the bottom & then explosively drive back up to standing. You will perform 7 sets of 2 at the top of each minute.
  • After completing your 7 sets, you will rest the remaining minute of your last set plus a full 3 minutes.
  • Finally, you will perform 3 sets of 8 front squats at regular tempo every 3 minutes.



“On the 0:00” – Ultimate Sandbag Power Clean x 6-8

“On the 1:00” – KB Seesaw Bent-Over Row in Lateral Hinge x 10-12/arm (switch sides halfway)

“On the 2:00” – Rope Grappler x 8-10/side

“On the 3:00” – Row, Ski, or Air Bike x 30-40sec (build pace with each round)

*Repeat for a total of 3-5 rounds!


Rationale & Tips:

This conditioning piece involves three hip-driven movements which emphasize the three planes of motion in different ways:

  • The Ultimate Sandbag power clean involves movement in the sagittal plane, which is basically forward (and backward) motion. This plane is most familiar to everyone, and most gym exercises fall into this category. We are not having to worry about resisting side to side (frontal plane) or rotational (transverse plane) motion! There are numerous ways to progress this exercise through using different stances and even stepping motions, but you’ll just have to check out “Build ‘N Burn 2.0” for insight into those progressions! 🙂
  • The kettlebell seesaw bent-over row challenges the body to resist rotation created by the seesaw action of the row. Furthermore, this movement is performed in a lateral hinge, which places more of the stabilization demand on the hip/leg of the side to which the body is shifted. This creates a situation in which we are building strength in the frontal plane!
  • The rope grappler involves a pivot and rotation, as we are creating movement in the transverse plane. It is important to note that there would be a ton of rotational force put into the lumbar spine if the foot, leg, and hip did not pivot! No bueno! This movement can be done using one strand of the rope or both strands, depending on the individual’s level & desired intensity.

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