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How Burpee Finishers Can Take Your Bootcamp To The Next Level!

How Burpee Finishers Can Take Your Bootcamp To The Next Level!(Video)

Guest Post Funk Roberts

As a Bootcamp Fitness professional there is one exercise that I injected into every single session, because it was paramount in getting results for my campers.


The exercise I am referring to is the one that trainers LOVE and campers HATE…the BURPEES!


Burpee Finisher Workout

You have to agree the burpee is the “Ultimate Metabolic Bodyweight Exercise”.   This compound exercise works almost every muscle the body in one short sequence of movements.

Targets the heart and lungs to the max to increase cardio.

And forces the body to work far above the capacity to take in, transport and utilize oxygen and, subsequently anaerobic conditioning will improve.

Including this exercise into training sessions for your camper is a MUST if you want to produce RESULTS!


The problem is, burpees done over an over again will get boring, monotonous and become the most dreaded aspect of your bootcamp session…if it already isn’t!

Just say the word “Burpees” and 9.9 times out of 10 your campers will quickly become deflated, dejected, and disappointed, something you don’t want to see.


You know how effective burpees are for you clients, but the challenge is how can you continually include them into your training sessions without your clients suffering from BURN OUT or worse leaving you for another trainer.


I faced the same problems with my bootcamp and in fact started to lose clients because the same old burpees weren’t fun or even becoming a challenge.


So I came up with a way to include burpees into every workout without getting negative reactions.


Not only did I reenergize my bootcamp but I revitalized the burpee exercise and make it fun, challenging while leaving my campers wanting more.






I created my Ultimate Burpee Finishers, which were used at the end of each session. The twist was each Finisher used different variations of burpees.


Here’s how it works:

The campers would perform 5 burpee exercises done for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other for 2 complete rounds for a total work time of 10 minutes…that’s it!


The key is having different burpee variations to challenge, excite and change up the workouts each time.


Try adding these finishers to your sessions this week:


A)     “Body Count” Burpees – Intermediate to Advanced (in video)


  1. 1.      Hand Clap Push Up Burpees or Regular Push Up Burpees
  2. 2.      DiveBombers Burpees
  3. 3.      Tuck Jump Burpees
  4. 4.      Chest to the Ground Burpees
  5. 5.      Rolling Burpees

B) “ Mr. Big” Burpees Intermediate to Advanced


  1. 1.      Overhead Clap Burpees
  2. 2.      Alternating Reverse Lunge Burpees
  3. 3.      Rotating Burpees
  4. 4.      Grasshopper Push Up Burpees – When gong down for a push up, kick leg through to one side and repeat on the other side)
  5. 5.      Double Jump Squat Push Up


C) Baby Step Burpees Beginner to Advanced

  1. 1.      Basic Step Back Burpee Thrusters
  2. 2.      Basic Step Back Burpee and Stand
  3. 3.      Basic Step Back Burpee with Push Ups/ no stand
  4. 4.      Wide Leg Step Back and Stand Burpee
  5. 5.      Wide Leg Step Back Basic Burpees with PU and Stand


The different burpee variations make each Finisher workout challenging, effective and fun, while producing metabolic fat burning, muscle shredding effect in a short period of time.

Once you start implementing these Burpee Finishers into your bootcamp your classes and sessions will thrive more than ever!

The Combination of Burpees and Finishers is the Perfect Union to Get Long Lasting Results For Clients, While Keeping Each bootcamp session Fresh, Fun and Challenging.


If you like these workouts, then get your copy of “50 Shades of Burpees” Finisher program.  You get 52 Done For You Burpee Finishers and Videos with over 200 Burpee Variations to help put the final blow to any training session, gym workout, run or sports practice. http://georgettepann.com/burpeetrainer


CLICK HERE and grab your 52 Done For You Burpee Finishers


What You Get with “50 Shades of Burpees” – EBook and Demo Videos in the following categories:



This is where you get started if you have not done burpees before or in a long time. These circuits are for the beginner or novice to help perform the basic burpee variations while getting a high intensity, fat burning workout.


These are high paced metabolic circuits using bodyweight, equipment and challenging burpee variations. Perfect to use after a strength workout at the gym.  You will not believe how fast your results will be using these metabolic finishers.


Just like the category name describes these are circuits using bodyweight only. These are perfect burpee finisher to use anywhere, anytime and if you are a bootcamp trainer, this is a the best way to end off one of your sessions (before the group stretch and cool down of course)


In this category you will find burpee finisher using a specific piece of exercise equipment. This not only adds extra resistance to each movement but it Jacks Up the intensity of the circuit. For example: You may use a kettlebell, dumbbell, sandbag or even Lebert Equalizer’s for each. Watch your strength and muscular endurance go through the roof adding resistance to your burpees.


Perfect Burpee finisher to use with a sports team, MMA or Martial Arts class students. The movements and exercises are functional for the sport athlete. If you are an athlete looking to improve cardio, agility, speed, vertical jump then using these finisher will help you rise to the top.


These Finishers are for the true Burpeeist, elite athlete or fitness enthusiast. The variations are very advanced and challenging and also use some unconventional burpee exercises. These are fun and provide the ultimate burpee challenge.


Grab your 52 Done for You Burpee Finisher workouts HERE < —–



Who is Funk Roberts?


Funk Roberts is a former professional athlete turned CPT, MMA Conditioning Coach, Certified Metabolic Training Expert, Kettlebell Specialist, Online Fitness Trainer and was just named one of America’s Premiere Fitness Experts and seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV

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