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How Team Competition Circuits Can Make YOU the Most Profitable Trainer in Town

How Team Competition Circuits Can Make YOU the Most Profitable Trainer in Town

Guest Post  Leon Melnicenko

If you read this short story I’m going to reveal to YOU the biggest secret in Bootcamp history.

It all started on a cold December morning back in 2009, when my good friend Leon Melnicenko was totally upstaged by his own clients.

Here’s Leon’s startling admission.

“Back when I first started, I was the most boring, tedious and dull bootcamp instructor in town, until suddenly, out of nowhere, a fire storm of inspiration sprung from the most unlikely source….”

Half way through the workout, Leon’s his client yelled…

“Were not doing this again are we, the least we could do is play for points or something”

Wow can you imagine…

In fact Leon went on to describe how he felt… I had to laugh because I’ve been there to…

“My heart sunk in to a crippling mess but before I could allow the dark hole ‘which had opened up in the ground’ to swallow me up, my Bootcamp came alive, with idea’s being thrown around from every angle..

But here’s the unexpected twist… The unlikely source of inspiration..

Cathy Martin yelled: “We’ll make this circuit in to a challenge”

Julie Settle yelled: “How about we divide the group this way”

Helen Ripper yelled: “Hey, why don’t you time the circuit and we’ll all try to beat it”

Leon tells me how the workout was a smashing success on that crisp, cold winters days, but what followed was even more bizarre.

From being flat broke, down in the dumps and struggling to make the rent on his 3 bedroom family home… His bank accounts EXPLODED….

In just 3 short months, He was running the most profitable and talked about Bootcamp within 100 miles.

He went from 6 clients to a respectable 80…

Why: Because the Team Competition Circuits Leon later went on to develop, Inspired by his clients, created an untapped market of interest within his local community… He was the talk of the town.

Isn’t that just an incredible story?

Through the years Leon went on to become one of the most creative and inspirational trainer the fitness industry has ever seen.

He is the brains behind many internationally acclaimed fitness products… Just Think

Unique Bootcamp Workouts AKA The Ultimate Workout Creation Tool

and Epic Team Games Volume 2.

For a limited time only, Leon is opening up a trail campaign which will see him release just 511 elite manuals.

I’ve already joined this elite inner circle and now you can to….

 Click the link to steel Leon’s Secret achieve right NOW and see what everybody’s raving about

 Team Competition Circuits Volume 2











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