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How to Build Stronger Client Relationships(VIDEO)

How to Build Stronger Client Relationships


What’s up guys, Brian Kalakay, the boot camp game guy. What I have for you today is the three most important methods I use here at my boot camp in Michigan to get clients to stay, pay and refer their friends.

Okay, so these are really cool things, they may seem a little basic in the beginning but we’re going to elaborate on them to give you a new kind of light on it.

1. Better Client Relationships.

This is what keeps them from walking in the front door and out the back, and gets them actually walking in, staying, and loving what they’re getting.

Focus on the little things: learn their name as fast as you can when they walk in the door, every day you should be by that door greeting them by their first name, or having your manager doing it or your trainer doing it, slapping high-fives, asking them how their day is going.

Now I know what you’re thinking, this is nothing new, but ask yourself, are you really doing that right now with every single person that walks in?

If not, you need to start, I mean that’s what we really get the most compliments on, they walk in, we know them by name, we know what they do for a living, we’re like “How was the bank today, Sue, how’s the kids, how’s college treating you.”

Those little things, the relationships, it’s more than just a workout, it’s a family, that’s how it should feel, alright? So the number one thing you need to focus on more than anything is relationships.

Here is a video that explains everything in this blog in more depth:

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2. Client Profile System.

We use Volo, we use fit-pro newsletter, but essentially what we do is we have this profile, when the client’s birthday is, we listen, we watch their Facebook, I literally have what I call my “Facebook feelers” out there, one of my managers, Laura. All she does is watch Facebook almost all day, just kind of glimpsing her news-feed to see what members are doing.

If someone died, if someone is sick, if all these things are happening and we write it down on this pad of paper, on this spreadsheet, so all my staff can see it.

So we know, that Mrs. Jones is sick right now so what should we do? We should send them flowers, we should send them a get well soon card. It’s these little things that cost maybe a dollar to get a card and mail it to them, come on!

And they’re going to come back and say, “no gym has ever sent me a get well soon card, or a sympathy card because my grandfather passed,” or what ever. You know, no one’s going to do that, YOU should!

That’s why you’re better. You take the time to focus on the details. In my case, I have a manager that kind of created this client profile system for every client. We track their birthdays, we know what they do and stuff like that.

Then our job is to keep it up to date and make sure we’re staying in touch with them the way we need to. My recommendation is don’t try and do it all yourself, especially if you’re training your sessions right now. Hire somebody to do it, hire somebody part-time, or even barter with them, offer them free boot camp if they work for you two hours a day, four or five days a week to stay up on that stuff.

You don’t need money to pay people in the beginning if you can’t afford it. Don’t let that be an excuse, excuses are the only thing standing between you and success period.

3. Be Creative & Fun

I know what you’re thinking, “well I am creative”, really look at what you’re doing and what other gyms are doing and then take yourself out of your shoes for a second, if you didn’t know anything about exercise, would you walk into your facility and go “this is so different compared to everyone else” or would it just feel like another hard workout like everything else.

You need to find things that you can do, that make people feel different. Not in terms of “oh I hurt different” but they feel different when they’re in your gym.

Like I said greeting them by their first name. People don’t care about what you said, or how sore you make them, they care about how you make them feel. If you make them feel great and you’re doing these creative things to make give them an experience they’ve never felt training before, they’re going to stay.

We use games at the end of our boot camp sessions because what it does is creates this really positive like “little kids on a playground atmosphere”, that you can not find any where else near you… you just can’t.

People are like “what is it about your workout, I feel so happy when I leave.” I hear this every day from clients. It’s because we go outside the box, we bring in live DJ’s to play during our boot camps once and awhile, probably twice a month, we play games at the end of our sessions, etc.

For the games, we just give them to my instructors, they plug and play at the end of a session and they’re done. Takes a total of 3 minutes of session time.

We do these creative things that no one else is doing that creates this one of a kind experience for them that makes them feel a certain way.

So those are the three things you need to do to increase client relationships.

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