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How To Build Your Own KB-Bodyweight Workouts

How To Build Your Own KB-Bodyweight Workouts

by Chris Lopez

Posted by Chris Lopez, CSCS, CTT on July 6, 2010; This entry is filed under Bodyweight Exercise, Kettlebell Workouts.

I’ve been a trainer and fitness “expert” for over a decade now (13 years, in fact).  And I’ve seen, programmed my clients and have done every possible type of workout imaginable.

From bodypart split meathead workouts, to cardio, to functional training using balance boards and other toys, to high-intensity athletic training.

Over those years it was always my goal to find what worked for me and my clients AT THE TIME.  So now, at this point in my life when I have 5 kids to raise, a wife that I want to spend time with, teams to coach and 2 businesses to run, my training fits into my lifestyle more than ever.

When the TT Kettlebell Revolution was first conceived, I jumped at the opportunity to do the programming for it because it was something that fit into my lifestyle – kind of like that missing puzzle piece…

-it was a quick, efficient and intense workout

-it didn’t require me to travel to a gym or another location

-I could do it at any time in the day ON MY OWN SCHEDULE

-it builds muscle

-it burn body fat

-it keeps me athletic


-it keeps me healthy by allowing me to use muscle that wouldn’t often get used living a “western lifestyle”

The backbone of the TT Kettlebell Revolution are the NON-COMPETING SUPERSETS. These are the back-to-back pairings of 2 specific exercises to ensure you get the most work done without over-taxing the same muscles.

For example, I would never pair a chin-up with a 2-arm kettlebell swing because they are both 1) grip intensive and 2) they both work your posterior chain quite hard.

So below, here’s a peak into the vault showing you some of my favorite non-competing KB-BW supersets that are either featured in the current TT KB Revolution program or will be featured in upcoming programs….

Spiderman Push-Ups paired with KB Swings

Decline Push-Ups paired with Tactical Lunges

Overhead Walking Lunges paired with Chin-Ups

KB Thrusters paired with KB Rows

Turkish Get-Ups paired with Pull-Ups

1-Arm KB Snatch paired with Goblet Squats

Burpee Push-Ups paired with Inverted Rows on straps or rings

AND I’ve filmed a video of MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE pairings. The 2 pairings in the video below have been so effective for me that on days when I’m really pressed for time, I can do just one of those supersets and get a great FULL BODY workout…

Give’em a try or feel free to try to construct your own and be sure to let me know what your favorite pairings are.


p.s. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the KB & Bodyweight exercises in the TT KB Revolution

Get Workouts here http://budurl.com/TTKBell

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