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How to Choose a USP That Fills Your Bootcamps With Clients

How to Choose a USP That Fills Your Bootcamps With Clients

 by Georgette Pann

Unless you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, I’m almost certain that you have competition.  Even if there aren’t other fitness bootcamp trainers, you’re still competing with personal trainers and even gyms.  And that means you need to find a way to set yourself apart from the crowd.


You see, when potential trainees first encounter information about your bootcamps, they have one question in the back of their minds: “Why should I buy from YOU?”


In other words, why should they join your class when they have so many other options?  Listen: If you can’t answer that, you’re going to lose sales.  That’s because your prospects are going to blow a brain cell trying to come up with their own answer.


So, you need to answer that question. And you do that by creating a USP – unique selling proposition – which lets prospects know why your services are different and BETTER than the competition.


Now, there are plenty of ways for you to do this.  However, you’ll need to scope out the competition first to see how they’re positioning themselves in the market (as you don’t want to use the same USP, obviously, as that wouldn’t make you unique). 


You also need to think about your target market and what’s important to them.  Your USP will go over like a lead balloon if you choose a USP that’s not important to your market. 


For example, if you’re targeting upper or middle-class women who above all are looking for results, then creating a USP based on “lowest prices” won’t give you much of a competitive edge.


Here are just a few ways you can position yourself in the market:


Low Prices: If most of the trainers in your area offer higher-priced one-on-one training, you can offer low priced bootcamps.  (Just be careful about competing on low price, because you’ll start losing money if someone undercuts you).


High Prices: You can also position yourself as the “highest cost” trainer, like the Rolls Royce of bootcamps.  You’ll need to justify your high cost, however, such as by pointing to your experience, certification, personal attention, results, etc.


Customized Training: Most people who want personal attention and customized training go to one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer. You can offer one “free” one-on-one consultation with each of your bootcamp trainees.

Unique Qualification: This may include anything from specialized certification or education to a unique qualification such as you being a former drill sergeant.

Being “Original” or “First”: Some people think the original or first in a category is the best.  For example, “The Original Orange County Bootcamp – Still the Best!”

Specific Results: Maybe you’re running a bootcamp designed to get people in shape for an actual military bootcamp.  You can promise specific results – such as your clients meeting minimum requirements at bootcamp.

Or perhaps you’re running an athletic bootcamp. You can promise your clients they’ll improve on some measurable activity by some specific percentage.

If you want to really stand apart, then guarantee these results.  For example: “You’ll lose 10 pounds or you’ll get your money back!”

 Of course, don’t limit yourself to these factors.  Be creative. Find out what your prospects most want, and then create your USP around that desire.


Georgette Pann: owner of NutriFitness LLC. http://thenutrifitness.com She has 20+ years experience in the Health and Fitness field with expertise in fitness bootcamps.She is author and creator of the best selling “Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit” at http://thefitnessbootcamp.com and The Fitness Bootcamp Inner Circle community for fitness bootcamp trainers at http://thefitnessbootcampinnercircle.com

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