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How to Create Your Own Short-Term Weight Loss Program?

How to Create Your Own Short-Term Weight Loss Program? 

Even though January 1st was a couple weeks ago I wanted to make sure you got this FREE gift that you can use as your own to help reduce some of your workload while you promote your business.

I have this friend…some call her the food-fun-sucker, but I call her Lori.  She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who lives in Toronto, Canada.  Her mission is to help other wellness practitioners grow their businesses.  She always gives away awesome free content to her readers that they can swipe and use as their own to promote their business.

She was kind enough to offer her latest freebie to you guys, seeing as it is the busiest season plus she really likes to share.

She also has something to say about how to take advantage of the New Year’s Resolution season by offering a short-term jump-start weight loss program within your fitness business.

Check it out…don’t forget to swipe her free gift.  I’ll tell her you say thank-you.

Lori has this crazy passion to help her fellow colleagues in the nutrition and wellness field better their business and enjoy financial stability.  She has seen too many of her friends return to their full-time jobs outside of their passion areas, simply because they can’t make ends meet.

So just in time for the ‘cha-ching’ of the New Year she has put together, along with the help of Ling Wong, the Holistic Weight Management System for Practitioners.

>>> http://georgettepann.com/bcgpwow

I wondered why Lori and Ling were sharing their own weight management system that has worked so well for them in their private businesses?  I asked Lori some questions about it…here is what she had to say.

Tell Me A Bit About Yourself?

Lately I like to think of myself as a ‘mompreneur’ as I have 2 kids ages 4 and 20 months, so I understand how hard it is to balance work and family life.  I am Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition (CAHNPro) and am also a certified personal trainer.  I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2006, where I am now part of the teaching faculty.

Over the last 6 years I have had many roles as a nutritionist.  I opened my own private practice which quickly failed due to lack of business know-how, I’ve managed the nutrition department for all 3 locations of the Women’s Fitness Clubs of Canada, and my greatest achievement (aside from the kids) is Co-Founding WOW! Weight Loss and being able to help other nutritionists grow their businesses.

Why Do You Feel It Is Important To Have A Short-Term Jump-Start Program As Part Of Your Service Offerings?

With all of the competition and quick-fix schemes out there today coupled with the lifetime dieter’s mentality, potential clients are wary of making a long-term commitment with you before they get to know and trust you.  I have learned through years of trial and error that it’s not necessarily the price that is offensive to potential clients, it’s more the time-frame and length of the required commitment involved, especially for weight loss.

Clients want instant results and it’s psychologically challenging for them to accept upfront, that in order to get their desired results they need to put in a good 12-24 weeks of time with you (at minimum).  So offering a short-term 4 or 6-week program where you get them to know, like and trust you while you get them amazing results, breaks down those barriers and fears allowing them to make a long-term commitment with you.

Offering a short-term program helps to keep the weight loss dollars in your facility. After your members have worked out they are off to their weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers or are heading to the health food store to pick up the latest fad diet supplement. As the health coach and business owner you want to provide a one-stop health shop for your clients. Keep the wellness dollars in your pocket! 

Why Are You Sharing Your Holistic Weight Management System For Practitioners With Your Competition?

I don’t view my colleagues as my competition.  In the last 10 years I have come to realize, unfortunately, that there are enough sick and unhealthy people to go around.  I believe that as wellness practitioners we need to work as a united team.  We need to band together to advance our profession.

There are too many of us giving up on our passion because of the crappy business training we received in school.  It is entirely possible to have the private practice you have always dreamed about, which is the reason I am sharing this system.  I know it works because I’ve used it; Ling has used it and my WOW! practitioners have used it.  It brings in new clients.  A new client means new profits.  It’s my mission to help my colleagues be better entrepreneurs and I’m fulfilling my mission by sharing my secrets.

Do You Have Any Tips For My Readers Who Want To Create Their Own Short-Term Jump-Start System?

Sure.  First, we’ve tested the length of the program and there didn’t seem to be any difference in registration between the 4 or 6-week program.  You want to position it at a low price.  Again, we tested different price-points ($28, $67 and $99) and the level of objections only rose when the price was over $99.  My WOW! practitioners in Ottawa ran a 28 day for $28 rapid fat loss promotion.  They sent out 2 emails and posted it on their private Facebook pages and got 14 NEW clients within 72 hours.

In terms of creating content for your system…think of the top 2-4 limiting factors that your clients have.  Examples: don’t have time for breakfast, don’t know what to eat for after-dinner snacks or what snack do they eat late at night?  What are proper portion sizes or which foods raise blood sugar levels or how to keep up motivation and level of commitment long term?  Each week should attack ONLY 1 limiting factor.  Focus on 1 thing at a time. Don’t overwhelm or bombard them with too many changes, even small ones all at once.

Create a 1-page handout for each week of your program along with some meal, snack and recipes options.  You should also create a script for each week so you can make sure you hit on the critical points.  Your jump-start program doesn’t need to be personalized, but you should be able to slightly customize it for each participant, should they have food sensitivities or allergies.

It should contain just enough information to get weight loss results and get them feeling better.  The point is to deliver the customer service WOW! factor so they feel connected to you, so they feel that YOU are the ONLY person who can help them to achieve their goals.

Where Can People Get More Information On Your Holistic Weight Management System For Practitioners If They Just Want To Use Your System Instead Of Creating The Whole Thing From Scratch?

You can check it out by clicking the link below to see if it’s something that would benefit your business.  Go quick though because we are offering a crazy deal for the first 100 copies sold ! 

This is an Exclusive Offer for my followers only.

>>>> http://georgettepann.com/bcgpwow

Thank you Lori.  As I mentioned, Lori has given you all a belated New Year’s gift of 40 done-for-you swipe nutrition and weight loss tips that you can use as your own for your social media platforms and in your email broadcasts.

>>> 40 Nutrition and Weight Loss Tips

Awesome Lori.  Again to check out the Holistic Weight Management System for Practitioners visit http://georgettepann.com/bcgpwow


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