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How to get 4x more DONE in your Bootcamp Business

How to get 4x more DONE than you do now

by Paul Mort

Something that I often get asked is ‘how do you get so much done’ in so little time
In case you didn’t know, I currently run 14 different bootcamps (that will be up to 17 in May), a pretty busy personal training business, a very busy mentoring program, a successful business that sells resistance bands- not to mention my UK tour, oh and I have a 3 month old son too. You see, most trainers are struggling with just a successful bootcamp never mind 14.

 Truth be told, this is more of an expansion on the ‘strategy’ post I made last week than a new post.

 Be honest though, here how many of these do you find yourself feeling right now?

• Working really hard and making pretty good money but having no time for anything else
• Feeling like you’re spinning plates and not really getting anywhere- almost ‘stuck’
• Spending a lot of your days answering emails, texts, returning calls and doing admin that you don’t really like doing
• Not knowing what you’re really supposed to be doing from one day to the next and drowning in your never ending ‘to-do’ list
• Seeing every man and their dog jump on the ‘bootcamp bandwagon’
• Not being able to enjoy your time off for fear of ‘something going wrong’ while you’re away from your business
• Wanting more time to grow your business and take it to the next level but having no time to do it and not knowing where to start
• Spending more time working than you do with your family and friends and having no time to workout and eat well

Pretty familiar? 

Yep, I thought so. 

I’ve been there too! 

Answering the daft emails like ‘I’ve been on your website, can I have more information?’
The voicemails saying ‘I’m interested in your bootcamp, can I have a little more info?’

You know which ones I mean right? 

You seem to spend half your time answering these, managing your membership site, replying to facebook messages etc etc

Now this is fine I hear you say, it means you’re ‘busy’ it means people actually want more information.
Well yes, I see your point. 

But wouldn’t your time be better spent doing things that are more important?
Such as program design? 

Improving your product?
Builidng a REAL business? 

A business that actually runs smoothly and earns money when you’re not there? One where you don’t have to make ZERO money when you take holidays or time off? (More on this next week) 

Or what about it gave you more time to do what you LOVE- actually TRAIN MORE PEOPLE?
That would be awesome right?
Now at this point most of the fitness-marketing gurus would have you looking for other trainers, ‘outsourcing’ the training. 

So you can spend more time working ON your business.
Well, what if you LOVE training people?

I’ll tell you something else too, I HATE admin 

You see, most people have no idea how to work ON there business. 

They bring in a trainer to take on some clients and run some more classes- but as a result they spend LESS time doing what they love and LESS time doing what they don’t like doing- the ‘admin stuff’. 

Well what about ‘flipping it’ again, like I did with ZUMBA the other week??What about you could have someone reply to those emails for you? 

What if you could have someone put recipes together for your members?
What if someone could return your calls?
What if someone could reply to all of your facebook messages? 

What if someone could take care of your member’s only site for you, upload videos, fire up your blog posts and manage a-weber for you? 

Oh and why oh why are you designing flyers and working on your own websites?!?! 

THAT is a REAL pet hate of mine too- shouldn’t you be leaving that to a professional. 

Think about it- isn’t it exactly the same as a client saying to you- ‘look I know its your job to write programs etc, but I;m just going to do it myself because I think I can do a better job’ 

OUTSOURCE that stuff. NOW.


Anyway, Imagine if you handed all of this ‘stuff’ over to someone else.
Do you think it would create more time to do more important things? 

Heck it might even create more ‘time off’ for you- remember that? 

It might enable you to work on things such TRAINING MORE PEOPLE.
Building your ‘guru status’ in your area with PR 

Improving your system so that you can roll out more bootcamps.
Never have to use the ‘I’ve got clients’ excuse when you want to do a course 

You see, most trainers don’t run a business at all, their business runs them. 

Their business tells them when they can have time off
Anyway, that’s a different rant.
So what are you waiting for? 

Well no doubt your gonna give me one of these two main objections 

“But I can’t afford to take on a full time assistant Paul!”
Or “ I don’t know where to start Paul!”

Okay so here’s what you need to do.
1. Change your mindset.

    Work out how much your worth per hour. For me, it’s around 97 quid. That’s how much I get paid for 1-1 training and the minimum I earn per bootcamp session, 

    You see, if I can get someone to do the other ‘stuff’ for 8 quid an hour and it frees me up to earn 97. That’s good business right? 

    Even if your hourly rate only works out at 15 quid, you still earn more than you would if you did it yourself! 

    Makes sense now doesn’t it? 

    2. You ALREADY know some that can do this. Sure, you can get a virtual assistant but I prefer someone local that can not only understand what I want them to do but also someone who I can ‘show’ how to do things in my office. 

    BUT what I would do is ask your current members and family members if they have any office or admin experience and are looking to earn a little extra money. 

    Pay per hour, or SWAP services. You could give free bootcamp in exchange for having the ‘stuff’ taken care of.
    Although I have one full time and one part time PA, you probably only need around 5-8 hours week help. 

    3. Make a list of the things that somebody else COULD do for you. Such as, uploading blog content, managing your membership site, running your facebook fanpage answering email enquiries, returning phone calls, flyer drops, taking care of your diary, making sure all of the things you need printed are printed when you need them. Banking, booking flights, trains etc.
    4. TEMPLATE the things you need help with
    Have a templated answer to questions such as ‘’ I have a knee injury, can I do bootcamp?’ “ Can I have more information etc etc’
    Basically lay out an idiots guide to this. Step-by-step, word-for-word what you want them to say/reply with.
    If its more complicated such as uploading vids to youtube, managing your membership site etc- you can make a ‘screenflow’ or ‘camtasia’ video where you can record your screen and give instructions as you go.
    See this post – as an example of a screen flow video.- http://www.bootcampking.com/2010/09/14/flyers/

    5. Don’t lay all of the blame me if you suddenly start making more money AND having more time off to spend with your family and friends! 

    So there you have it, a fool proof way to start taking the chains away from you and your business and start BUIDING your business so that IT WORKS FOR YOU, NOT the other way around! 

    Oh and don’t blame me if you suddenly start making more money AND having more time off 

    PaulMake sure you head over to the http://fitnessbootcampinnercircle.com where Paul…the Bootcamp King ..is taking over the forums 

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