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How To Get Great Ideas For Your Fitness Bootcamp

There are fitness bootcamp workouts for everyone! After just a little browsing on the subject of bootcamps I came across bootcamps for new moms, athletes, kids, teachers, police and more. Then their were others that were run military style or equipment specific,such as band camps, kettlebell camps, and even a bootcamp for dogs! So if you are ever at loss for ideas for fitness bootcamp business ideas just browse on the internet should have your mind buzzing with ideas in no time.

There are hundreds or resources on the internet which you can get ideas from. My first point of call would be searching ‘fitness boot camp’ on YouTube. This is a great source as you will immediately be able to see what videos are really popular and get a whole array of ideas for your own fitness bootcamp workouts. Just to let you know that six pack abs and bikini ready bodies feature quite often on these videos.

Weight loss is indeed a major reason why people go on fitness bootcamps Playing to peoples’ positive emotions will win you customers i.e. ‘Become a ‘Buff Bride’ would attract more people than ‘if you get any fatter, you’ll never get a man’.Smile

Actually this idea of targeting a select clientele with a specific purpose is also a great fitness marketing tip. I know it’s very tempting to be all things to everyone and have a large target market but it is actually easier if you have a specific niche to decide where you want to advertise.

The market for fitness bootcamps is still wide open and with plenty of scope for new bootcamp ideas. Look around you all the time for target markets and decide what exercises would be best for them,the most fun or challenging. One such idea popped into my head when I was thinking about my schooldays. Why not create fitness bootcamp workouts based, around playground games? You know the ones, like dodge ball, catch, tag,and other such games. Market it as a trip down memory lane and advertise on reunion type websites like Friends Reunited, Meet Up, or Facebook

All it takes is a unique idea some innovative fitness marketing and your fitness bootcamps will be extremely popular!

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