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How To Make Your Bootcamps Fun

Making Fitness Bootcamps Fun

Guest post by  Leon Melincenko

Stand yourself in front of the mirror, any mirror will do. Now repeat these words:

“Am I making fitness fun for my clients?” Or better still: “Do I even know how to make fitness fun for my clients?”

Two years ago I asked myself the very same questions, my group and PT sessions had taken on a whole new level of boring and I knew that for my own sanity, things had to change.

I wanted to have fun doing what I loved.

I spent the next 6 months researching, planning, and thinking up new ideas that would serve my new found goal and give my workouts a whole new lease of life.

I came up with a very simple four step plan for designing a fun and interesting workout.

Step 1: Decide on the training methods needed to meet the client’s goal

Step 2: Design the workout

Step 3: Add the fun/challenging element

Step 4: Adjust the programme to ensure it suits the abilities of the client or clients (especially important to consider this when planning a group session)

I’m pretty sure that by now you’ve got Steps 1, 2 and 4 covered, so let’s address step 3.

Here are some great ideas that I came up with that enabled me to begin injecting life back in to my workouts

  • Introduction of solo and group games
  • Timed events – Players race against a previous score or set time in the attempt to beat themselves.
  • Creative PT/Group competition circuits
  • Creative finisher drills to end on a high
  • Team games, quizzes, fun filler etc
  • High Intensity interval training using simple cardio techniques and aerobic routines.
  • Team/Individual challenges – using dice,  a deck of cards, whistles, coins, tennis balls, ropes, tyres, cones etc
  •  Team interaction drills – techniques to get the team interacting and having fun
  • Team/Individual movement drills – creative ways to move locations when out and about.

These are just a handful of the methods that I deploy to ensure that every single session is fun, unique and interesting.

Take the time to plan your workouts carefully and make sure you have all the essentials covered before you start.

These are some of the things that I take into account whilst in the planning phase.

  • Health and safety – First aid kit, checking the safety of equipment and chosen training environment, Appropriate and valid REPS insurance, assessing par Qs, storing medications etc.
  • Exercise restrictions – Dealing with clients who are restricted or recovering from injury, pregnancy etc
  • The introduction for new clients within a group setting – Putting them at ease, reassurance, encouragement etc

Your imagination is the key to succeeding in the fitness industry, if something isn’t working or you then have the courage to change it, I did.

Now internationally acclaimed with top reviews from fitness pro’s around the globe.

 Leon’s latest creation, dubbed The Ultimate Workout Creation Tool is considered to be one of the best recourses for Bootcamp/group fitness instructors the world over.

For more info, You can check it out at the link below



Author Bio

Leon lives in Plymouth UK with his wife Hanni, step son Jack and two little dogs, Chester and Cleo.  After leaving the British Royal Marines 16 months ago to pursue a career in fitness, Leon set up an outdoor fitness service called Sound Fitness Team Training.

Leon has recently started a blog (unique bootcamp workouts) with the aim of helping fitness professionals all over the word to come up with fun, unique and creative ideas. 

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2 comments on “How To Make Your Bootcamps Fun

Leigh Kable

Hi Leon
I am a relatively new PT, and when I got a regular bootcamp class at my job ( PCYC), I felt so stressed about it as the former trainer (my boss) had a regular following who I felt had certain expectations. They are all pretty fit. So I went overboard and my first class was far too hard and there was a grim silence as they worked their way through a hideous range of different burpees. Someone complained..(I would have, too!. So then I set to, doing the internet trawl, found you, bought the E-book, and felt that here was a great tool to help me improve before the class numbers shrank to nothing. What a difference!! Today we did “High Flier” after a hilarious “Mirror Image” & warm up run, ending with a finisher drill from the book. I asked them to comment on our facebook page ( Fit2excel.com.au) if they liked it, and a few said they would. So thanks a million, I now look forward to the class and will keep implementing your ideas and hopefully will share mine with everyone too at some stage. You are a legend!
Leigh Kable


Thank you Leigh ! Working on getting Leon to contribute more for us:)!


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