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How to Make Your Fitness Bootcamp Stand Out in the Crowd

These days, it seems that there are fitness bootcamps everywhere you look. Even weekly classes in a gym are now being referred to as fitness bootcamps because it’s the new trendy buzz word. So what you do to make sure that your bootcamp does not become lost in this media circus?

If you have been in the fitness business for any length of time, you will know it all comes down to fitness marketing, but not just any fitness marketing – it has to be innovative, fresh .. not the same as everyone else.

The first thing you should decide is what niche to promote your bootcamp too (actually you should decide on this aspect before you design your fitness bootcamp really, as you will see in a moment). I know it’s tempting to be all things to everyone but that’s what a whole lot of other fitness professionals are doing so here is your first chance to stand out from the crowd.

There is another great reason for specializing as well as it makes it much easier to find the best places to advertise as well. Let’s look at a couple of examples. Perhaps you have designed your bootcamp for agility, then you could target local athletic teams through visiting the local running track or local high scolls or colleges. Maybe your fitness bootcamp is for mothers who have just had babies and want lose a little weight. You could frequent baby accessory and clothes shops or even place a few strategically placed leaflets at the local maternity wards!

You potential clients are more likely to choose your bootcamp if you can get them to remember you. You know the saying ‘nothing in life is for free’? Well, that’s one myth you can explode by offering a free Saturday workout for people in your local town. Once they see how you would conduct your bootcamp you can get them hooked to attend everyday. Best of all they will remember you!

More and more people are using the internet to search for ways to get fit and there is a variety of ways that you can get your bootcamp in front of these searchers – writing articles, creating a mini video about your bootcamp and blogging about it to name a few (hint).

The best internet fitness marketing tip I know is you can also find websites dedicated to the niche (and geographical location) you have decided to advertise to and you can contact these website owners and see if they would promote your fitness bootcamp for a commission and attract new clients that way.

A fitness business should definitely take advantage of what fitness marketing avenues the internet opens up for them especially as only a small proportion of fitness professionals presently use it to advertise their classes and bootcamps – see it as another chance to stand out from the crowd.

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