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How to Provide the WOW Experience+Marine Body Workout

How to Provide the WOW Experience (Includes Example Workout + Video )

Jason Klein, MS, PES, NS        


The number one factor for client retention is superior customer experience.


Crossfit grew to literally two locations in the late 90’s, to over 100,000 locations by 2010.

P90X today, is (safe to say) in every country in the world, and has approximately a gazillion and a half followers.


Long gone are the days of Jane Fonda and Buns of Steal.


Bottom line – we, the private training businesses ought to model what is working on a large scale.


Now, if we were to survey ‘Crossfitters,’ or ‘Beach Body-ites, on what exactly hooks them, you’ll get one of two big answers.


Of course, you’ll get this answer: “I come for the comradery and team atmosphere.”

The most important thing I believe is that what people see Crossfit as NEW and DIFFERENT.


People want NEW and DIFFERENT. They sworm to it.


And until Crossfit, no gym would ever think of prescribing burpees, snatch, and kettlebell swings in the same workout. Oh, and not to mention, that workout only takes 11-minutes.


And the best part?


You get that addicting beat-down feeling, too….

Ok, hundereds of thousands of clients are paying for this ‘beat-down,’ every day (PUN intented).


Folks from the 1980’s in tights to Buns of Steal, would gasp at such a thought of people attempting suicide by exercise… wait, by WOD. Talk about addicted.


Again, take the autonomy and exercise-science rules out of the picture for a minute and think of WHY clients literally beg, borrow and steal in order to afford their monthly membership dues. They are addicted, and hopefully in a good way.


Why are they choosing Crossfit over your bootcamp?

Why do they deserve clients more than you do?


Because they provide something that they might not even realize. The ‘wow experience.’


People want NEW and DIFFERENT….

So, if you’re workouts are boring, people – will – leave.


Even IF you do provide awesome results, clients will eventually find a place where they can experience ‘cutting edge,’ and feel like they have a sense of community and empowerment.


Let’s look at one way how to provide the wow experience:


Although exercise programming is chapter one in our book as fitness professionals, as paradoxical as it may sound, this happens to be one of the biggest problems.


It really comes down to instruction experience. Education – sure, but experience even more so, because if you can’t inspire your clients, you are surely never going to transform them.


I’m going to draw out a typical program of mine that you can use TODAY.

 My programming derives primarily from my tenure as a fitness instructor for the U.S. Marine Corps.





Minute # (30/30)

Turbine of the Day (TOD) 1

  Upper Turbine 1  Upper Turbine 2


A1) Plank B1) Prone Iso Ab


A2) Inward Intention Close Push Up B2) Outward Int. Push Up


A3) Frozen Close Push Up B3) Stick em Up


A4) Heel Push B4) Good morning











And if you don’t want to have to worry about being able to provide awesome AND safe workouts check out, The Marine Body.30-30 Turbine of the Day (TOD) 1 


I originally designed the program as part of my Master’s thesis and in conjunction to my tenure as a fitness instructor for the United States Marine Corps.

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