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How to Set Up 30-Minute Bootcamp Workouts

How to Set Up 30-Minute Bootcamp Workouts

by Mike Whitfield

Every time I walk into the gym down the street from where I live, the front desk rep, Sarah, always says hi to me and she even knows when to expect me.


One of my habits that I’ve been using for months now is the night before, I always write out my plan for the day on my whiteboard and I even structure my day. 90% of the time, I schedule my own workout at 10AM.


In fact, it’s 5:40 AM as I write this because I even schedule my writing. That’s why it’s extremely rare that I miss a workout. I set up my workouts as if they were important appointments…because they are.


But once I get into the gym, I’m typically in and out in about 45 minutes, including my warm-up. I love working out, but I also don’t have a lot of time.


So, that’s why I’m writing you today. If you’re offering 1-hour sessions with your bootcamps or even your own workouts, than you could reduce that time and still get great results.


When I ran bootcamps at the high school gym, we actually just did 30-minute workouts. And trust me, they had enough after the 30 minutes.


It’s all about how you set up your workouts, and today, I’m going to reveal how I structure a solid 30-minute workout and I promise you’ll still get amazing results.


First, the warm-up only needs to be 5 minutes. If you’re just walking or jogging for a warm-up, PLEASE STOP. That’s not going to get you ready for the metabolic workout.

A warm-up needs to be 3-5 (at most 5) of “easier” bodyweight movements that prepare the body by warming up the muscles, yet not fatiguing them. Make sense?


So, your warm-up should be moves like normal pushups, planks, bird dogs, bodyweight squats, lunges, etc.


In other words, the infamous triple stop pushup should NOT be in the warm-up.


And when doing squats and lunges, a big plus would be to do them “prisoner style”, with your hands behind your head and really focusing on squeezing your shoulder blades together.


This not only activates your upper back, but it also helps you if you or your campers sit behind a desk all day. These muscles get weak and need to be worked.


I typically did a warm-up circuit twice, resting for about a minute between circuits.


Then, it’s time for the metabolic resistance training. This is the time you introduce the harder movements like Bulgarian Split Squats, Decline Pushups and more.

I typically do 2-3 supersets or 1-2 circuits of 3-4 exercises set up in a non-competing matter. That way, you hit a lot of muscle without sacrificing quality reps.


For example, you can do Walking Lunges (even DB Walking Lunges) and superset that with Spiderman Pushups. So, while your legs rest, you work your upper body and vice versa.


After the MRT supersets or circuits, I sometimes add a metabolic conditioning circuit, but this is optional. This is typically higher reps and more bodyweight exercises.

A sample metabolic conditioning circuit would be Bodyweight Squats, Mountain Climbers and Jumping Jacks.


And finally, you’ll do a metabolic finisher. This is the “fun” part.  This is when you don’t hold back and leave it all on the floor. The set and rep schemes go out the door because you want to be unconventional with the bootcamp workout grand finale.


So, there you go… you CAN get a solid 30-minute workout. Here is a template:


Warm-up 3 exercises (twice through) – 5 minutes

MRT and MCT – 4 – 8 exercises – 15-20 minutes

Finisher (options are endless) – 3-8 minutes

Boom goes the 30-minute body-chiseling dynamite,


Mike Whitfield, CTT

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