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How To Use Kettlebell Complexes(Workout+Video)


How To Use Kettlebell Complexes To Strip Off Your Clients And Customers Body Fat

In Only 67 Minutes Per Week


Geoff Neupert, CSCS, Master StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor, Author, Lecturer



Let’s face it, the personal training / boot camp world is growing quickly and competition is fierce. If you plan on not only being in business but dominating your marketplace (if you don’t, you can stop reading this now), you need some tools in your arsenal that others don’t have.


One of the most efficient methods I’ve ever used for stripping off bodyfat quickly – we’re talking about 2-3 pounds a week, usually in around an hour a week – yes, an hour – is the kettlebell complex.


Here’s a short video with a workout using a complex. (If you don’t know or aren’t sure what complexes are, just watch.)



I’ve been using complexes since 1997 when I was a Division 1 strength and conditioning coach. One of my teams was the wrestling team and when I introduced them to complexes, the fat melted from their bodies, their usable mat strength increased dramatically, along with their third period conditioning.


How does this work?


It follows this simple, 3-Step Formula:


             IE + ET + LA = RFL


IE = Intense Effort


One of the little known or often forgotten secrets for rapid fat loss is putting forth an intense effort.


That’s one of the reasons sprinters are as lean as they are.


The problem is that it’s hard to go from zero to intense in most exercises (like sprinting) without getting hurt.


Sure Swings will do this for some, but for many, if not most, the Swing just doesn’t cover the ET or LA in this equation.


Remember, we’re not talking about fat loss here, but rapid fat loss.


ET = Excessive Tension


One of the things most people don’t know how to do is create or withstand tension let alone excessive tension.


What is “excessive tension?”


It’s intense and prolonged muscular contractions that challenge your body’s energy systems and of course your mental toughness.


This excessive tension causes you to burn calories at an accelerated rate through increased heavy breathing and energy expenditure and part 3 in the 3-step formula –


LA = Lactic Acid


Lactic Acid is one of the by products of intense exercise.


It’s downside is that it interferes with force production – which means you can’t contract your muscles maximally and your quality control can go right out the window.


The upside for fat-burning is this:


An increase in blood lactate increases growth hormone.


And growth hormone burns fat.


(Ok, that’s the simple science – there are some more steps involved, but they’re not important to get the message across.)


And RFL – well, that stands for Rapid Fat Loss.


Speaking of…


Here’s the workout from the video:


Double Snatch             x 30 seconds

Double Press               x 30 seconds

Double Front Squat     x 30 seconds

Double Swing              x 30 seconds


That’s 2 minutes of work.


Work: Rest = 1:2, so work is 2 minutes and rest is 4 minutes.


Perform a total of 3 sets.


That’s 6 minutes of work and 8 minutes of rest for a total of 14 minutes.


That’s all your clients and customers will need.


Don’t take my word for it though – do the workout yourself. You have to be able to do what you ask and expect them to do. Remember, one of the keys to getting customer buy in is empathy. So make sure you do it so you can tell them how it will feel and any pitfalls they will need to avoid to be a success.


Next question:


How often would you do that workout?


Once a week. That’s Day 1 of a program called “The Long Haul” – perfect for rapid fat loss – from my book, More Kettlebell Muscle. The other 2 days are slightly different. The exercises change and so do the length of the complexes.


By the way, that’s a BIG MISTAKE most people make when designing these types of programs – they don’t put enough “waviness” in the load. This is an advanced Soviet strength training method that I learned from my weightlifting coach. It produces much faster results than normal programming. Why? Because your customers can’t just do the same workout over and over – their bodies rapidly grow accustomed to it and their results dry up like water in a desert.


As a trainer or boot camp operator, the majority of time should be spent working on your business – generating leads and closing sales.


There’s one more thing you need to know how to do:


Design programs that include workouts like this one.


Notice I said “programs.”


Not “throw a bunch of ‘killer workouts’ together so you’re clients will sweat a lot and feel like the got a tough workout.”


Anyone can do that.


Your competition is doing that.


And their clients are suffering.




Because adaptation, fat loss, especially rapid fat loss, is a complex process. The body needs to be coaxed to lose fat instead of store it.


And unless you know the mechanisms, which are a lot more than “work out a lot so to burn a ton of calories,” you’re just shooting in the dark.


And “shooting in the dark” is not a model for success.


You know what is?


Advanced and elite athletes.


Elite athletes don’t just “work out” or do “killer workouts.” They train. And they train on a program. And a program is a series of workouts where one builds upon the previous repeatedly. (Most trainers have either forgotten this or don’t know it.)


Rapid fat loss works the same way – it’s training the body to burn stored body fat, and feel safe enough that it doesn’t need to store any more.


At some point, you should learn program design skills yourself, but not until you are as profitable and as successful as you want to be and have the time to do so. Unless of course you’d rather spend that free time doing something else, like… Enjoying your life outside of your business.


That’s why I recommend you get the “done-for-you” program design option. My book More Kettlebell Muscle, which is instantly downloadable, is filled with over 3 years of kettlebell complex programs. And it’s also filled with valuable coaching tips gleaned from 20+ years in the trenches – gems you won’t find anywhere else.


If you want to get faster results for your clients and customers and be known as the #1 authority in your community, get your copy of More Kettlebell Muscle now, and depending on the skill level of your clients or boot campers, you could start them down the path of success as early as tonight. 



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