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How to Use MRT Workouts in Bootcamps

How to Use MRT Workouts in Bootcamps


Group training has come a long way since the legwarmer days of Jane
Fonda. Bootcamps have now become the gold standard of fitness, and for good
reason. The workouts are tough, versatile and effective. You can train large
groups of people of varying fitness levels and put everyone through a
challenging workout with very little or even no equipment.


Pair this system of bootcamps with the MRT style of training and you’ve
got yourself a license to print money. Your clients will be singing your
praises as they shed fat and reach their fitness goals faster than they ever
thought possible. Providing MRT workouts will set you apart from the numerous
competing bootcamps in your area.


What is MRT/MCT?


The MRT workouts are intended to simultaneously burn fat and build or
maintain muscle. Not only does this method of intense training dramatically
improve fitness levels, it burns hundreds of calories and works the entire
muscular system over completely.


Total body resistance training is by far the optimal way to train in
order to spike the metabolism. Pairing compound resistance exercises back to
back in a superset format will work both the anaerobic and aerobic systems to
the full extent. Think of it as intense interval training with the capacity to
build muscle. It’s a win/win all around.


For more of a conditioning effect along with a massive fat burning
component, metabolic conditioning workouts can be added on alternate days. Once
again, full body exercises are put together in groups and circuits using
bodyweight resistance or light weight with high reps.


This really gets the heart pounding and is far more effective than
pedalling to nowhere on a recumbent bike while reading the latest celebrity


Choosing Exercises for Your


Compound exercises are the way to go when designing either an MRT or
MCT bootcamp. The more muscles that are used simultaneously, the better. You
may see some bootcamps that have their participants standing there doing biceps
curls or tricep extensions with five pound dumbbells but this is really a waste
of your clients time and money.


The selection of exercises will depend on your choice of location. If
you choose an outdoor location like a park you can use the playground equipment
for full body exercises like pull ups, rope climbs and step ups. Think of the
swing set as a TRX and use it for rows, core exercises and suspended decline
push ups.


The beach is a perfect spot to incorporate the resistance of the sand
and really ups the intensity of your MCT workout without the use of any
equipment whatsoever. Imagine putting your bootcampers through a drill of
sprints in the sand, lateral jumps, step ups and decline push ups on a nearby
bench and inverted rows from a tree branch.


Whether it’s an MRT or MCT session, always choose a variety of
exercises that work the entire body and balance out the workout. For your MRT
days, pair exercises that work opposing muscle groups together. For example, a
superset of squats with push ups or rows followed by lunges or a push press
will be extremely taxing while allowing rest for the worked muscles.


If you don’t have access to weights or fancy equipment you can easily
intensify simple exercises like the squat by incorporating a one leg squat or
split squat with a propulsion. Pair that with something like a pull up or a one
arm row and that’s tough enough for even the most hardcore member.


The same system of alternating muscle groups should apply to the MCT
design as well, using a greater number of exercises with light resistance or
bodyweight. Think burpees, bodyweight split squats, various push ups, walking
lunges, mountain climbers, inverted rows and bench jumps.


The circuit style of training will have the same effect on the
anaerobic and aerobic systems as high intensity interval training while
eliminating the monotony.


MRT and MCT workouts are so versatile
that they can be put together in any environment and made challenging enough
for any fitness level regardless of the availability of equipment. All it takes
is some imagination, creativity and knowledge to really put your clients
through a workout they will never forget.


Maintain the Intensity


The point of MRT/MCT training is to do more and work harder in less
time. By alternating major muscle groups within the same set, you will train
the body to build muscle while burning fat, all while training the
cardiovascular and metabolic systems.


If your bootcampers are able to carry on a conversation with each other
while they are in the midst of their workout, your design has failed. Intensity
is the key to success when it comes to working out and your bootcamp design
should reflect that in your selection of exercises.


Making Modifications


First of all it should be noted that MRT workouts could easily be
modified to suit any fitness level. This makes them the perfect choice for your
bootcamps. For example a push up exercise can be modified in countless ways.
For the average Joe, a standard push up may suffice. For someone brand new to
working out or extremely heavy, an incline push up may be a good choice. For
the seasoned pro a decline or explosive variation will be enough to get their
heart pounding and muscles burning.


Whether you have a group of five or fifty, the same workout can be
applied to everyone, using simple modifications. Squats can be done with
varying ranges of motion depending on ability. Resistance can be added in the
form of dumbbells, squats can be made uni- lateral or plyometric.


Keeping it Fun


Keeping the fun and variety in your bootcamp is crucial if you want to
hold on to clients. Bootcamp workouts are a dime a dozen these days but you can
certainly set yours apart from the rest by using the MRT method of training.


Use your imagination, keep an open mind and consistently add new
exercises, supersets and circuits.

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