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How to Use Obstacle Courses in Your Bootcamps

How to Use Obstacle Courses in Your Bootcamps

Yes you read it correctly! There is a way to use obstacle courses in your boot camps to break boredom and give your clients and experience that will keep them talking for months to come.


I am sure you are familiar with Boot Camp Games. You may have already purchased a few of my games programs…


Well, I am here to tell you about a method of ending your sessions that is simiilar to my boot camp games but waaaaaay different at the same time.


If you snagged my ultimate boot camp package then you may have already tried out one of these boot camp obstacle courses.


These are very unique in the fact that we take an obstacle course and make it indoor friendly, due to the fact that most boot camps are starting to move indoors now a days.


All you need is a little space and a few basic things:


  1. 8x Cones
  2. 4x Medicine Balls or Kettlebells
  3. A box or Platform


Here is what the setup looks like:


Boulder Press

  1. Crab Crawl around cones (2 pushups for every cone you knock down)

  2. Sprint in a straight line toward the Plyo Box

  3. Jump up (or step up) onto the Plyo Box, turn to the right (facing the cones) and step down. If you don’t have a plyo box, have them run down and perform a burpee.

  4. Sprint down to the first cone and knock it down, then run back to the Plyo Box

  5. Repeat this knock down process in “suicide” fashion until the last (furthest) cone is knocked down.

  6. Grab the first Medicine Ball and do 10 standing presses with it. Then, place it on the ground. If you don’t have Medicine Balls then substitute them with kettlebells or dumbbells.

  7. Repeat the grab, press 10 times and set down process with all 4 of the Medicine Balls.


While everyone is waiting their turn you will have them doing 30 sec intervals of bodyweight exercises.

Make sure you stagger intense exercises with light exercises so people aren’t completely destroyed by the time they get to do the obstacle course.

The final piece of the puzzle is the timer. Have the instructor keep time for everyone going through the obstacle course.

The person with the best time completing the obstacle course will be crowned the winner.

This is a very different way to end your sessions. I will warn you that it takes more than the typical 2-5 minutes to play, especially if you have a larger group of members in your session.

Make sure for groups larger than 10 people you allow 10-15 minutes at the end of the session.

You almost have to think of this as a way to cleverly disguise your exercises in a format that people arent familiar with. This way it doesn’t feel like the same old routine.

I have actually used this as a form of session before. I just chose three obstacle courses from my  obstacle course manual and played them all back to back.

People were constantly moving and exercising and the competition between members was really fun 🙂

If you want to give these obstacle courses a shot be sure to check out my TT Boot Camp Games Program that is actually on Sale again this week.

***Once you have purchased the program which is loaded with over 31 Done-For-You Boot Camp games and marketing strategies, make sure to grab the ultimate boot camp package. The ultimate package has another handful of boot camp games and activities and also an entire manual  that has 11 obstacle courses in it. Also, included with the manual are video links to the tutorials on how to run each obstacle course.

This is a complete plug and play system of boot camp games and obstacle courses. Make sure to grab the program while the sale is still running!

31 Boot Camp Games +  Bonus CLICK HERE

I hope you get a chance to try out this outside of the box training method. I guarantee NO ONE in your local area is doing this right now, so its definitely worth a shot!

It makes you look different and it sets you apart from being just another “good workout” in town.

Let me know what you think by commenting or posting below 🙂

-Brian and Georgette



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