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How to Use Sprints in Your Bootcamp

How to Use Sprints in Your Bootcamp

Mike Whitfield, Master CTT




It’s the BEST move your clients can do to burn fat faster than ever.


And yet, most bootcamps don’t even use this powerful exercise because of the lack of space or your campers are not “sprint ready” if you know what I mean.


But you can still get your campers the same sprint benefits, which include:


–          Faster fat loss

–          Improved overall fitness

–          Improved muscular endurance

–          More energy


That’s good news for you because they will tell their friends and family. This is like putting your referrals on auto-pilot.


So, how do you use sprints without actually doing sprints?


The key is to remember that sprints are to be done in a very short time so that your campers can give their best effort. So keep the sprints short, but very intense.


With that being said, here are a couple of alternatives:


1) Running in Place (remember to tell your campers to go at their fastest tempo possible)


2) Jumping Jacks (VERY rapid pace – Go HARD!)


Pretty simple – and they require no equipment!


So, let’s use the power of this short “bursts” training and use this as a grand finale in your bootcamp. Your campers will love it and they’ll come back for more.


Do the following circuit 4 times, resting as shown:


Sprint (20 secs), rest 1 minute

Any variety of Pushups (20 secs)

Sprint (20 secs), rest 1 minute

Bear Crawl (20 secs)


By using sprints (or the alternatives), you’ll help your campers ALMOST out-train a bad diet… hey, I said “Almost!”.   😉


And adding in the pushups and bear crawls, you help your clients use the pushing and core muscles… all without equipment.


Make sure your campers use the 1 minute of rest. If they really give it their all for the sprints, they will need that full minute of recovery.


Who says you can’t have fun and lose fat, too?


Always giving your campers a wow experience,

Mike Whitfield, Master CTT


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