How to use the Hottest Method in the World with Bootcamps

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How to use the Hottest Method in the World with Bootcamps


The hottest method in the world, according to cool people, is metabolic resistance training.  Seriously, great coaches in the fitness industry like Alwyn Cosgrove and Craig Ballantyne have used this method for years, but this coined term has been used a lot lately, and for good reason.


It works.


What is Metabolic Resistance Training?


The elevator answer – it’s a big awesomeness ball that helps you drop faster than any other method.  The more descriptive answer – it uses big, compound movements in non-competing supersets and/or circuits with incomplete recovery.  Metabolic resistance training (also known as MRT) workouts are typically total body workouts, but can sometimes be an upper/lower split.


For example, the following circuit is metabolic resistance training:


1A) Squats (8)

1B) DB Row (8/side)

1C) DB Chest Press (10)

Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times


All of these exercises are non-competing, meaning you can give each move your undivided attention.  By incorporating just a minute of rest after these calorie-expensive exercises, you have what’s called “incomplete recovery”.  Doing a set of bicep curls followed by crunches?  A minute of rest is actually a long time… but certainly not after a MRT circuit as shown above.  If you listen to your body after a solid MRT session, you can actually hear the fat burning (it sounds like a fire at Christmas time).


Using MRT with Bootcamp Workouts


Obviously, the exercises above are not really ideal for a bootcamp style workout when working with a group of people.  It comes down to lack of equipment.  The other trick?  You need to replace specific reps with timed sets, so that people of all levels can participate.  So, let’s replace the circuit above.  Let’s “bootcampize” it (that’s a word I totally made up, and yes, it is pretty awesome).


1A) Prisoner Squat (30 seconds)

1B) DB Row (30 secs/side) or Band Row or Strap Row (30 seconds)

1C) Pushups (get creative and use crazy ones… like the Spiderman Pushup) (30 secs)

Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times


What Makes the Ultimate MRT Bootcamp

Believe it or not, the ultimate MRT bootcamp workout is like my Grandmother’s “Hodge Podge” – it has all the perfect ingredients.  So, here is what I call the perfect Metabolic Resistance Training Bootcamp Stew:


Ingredient 1 – A Solid Warm-up

The warm-up should use “easier” exercises like the Bird Dog, Arm Crosses, Bodweight Squats, Pushups, etc., etc.  A series of bodyweight exercises would warm you up better than a boring jog lap after lap


Ingredient 2 – MRT Strength Supersets/Circuits Immediately After the Warm-up

This is where most bootcamps get it wrong.  They run and run, do jumping jacks, etc., etc. and then they try to do the strength training at the end when the campers are fatigued.  The MRT Strength Supersets/Circuits should be done immediately after the warm-up, when the muscles are primed and ready, yet fresh.


Ingredient 3 – Metabolic Conditioning

When your campers can go up and down the stairs with no problem, that is a life-changer.  That is why you should use metabolic conditioning in your bootcamp workouts.  Another plus – these metabolic circuits will torch fat, too.


Ingredient 4 – Metabolic Workout Finisher

This is my favorite part.  The Finisher (the F is capitalized because it’s that amazing) is the “grand finale” of the MRT bootcamp workout.  This is when you leave nothing on the table.  You use calorie-expensive movements with very short rest periods to finish off your campers (and finish off the fat).


Bonus Ingredients

Technique Boosters – use a variety of techniques with your bootcamp exercises like the 90% method, 1-1/2 rep, 3/4th rep, eccentric moves and more


Unique Exercises – Use unique exercises to differentiate yourself from other bootcamps like the Spiderman Climb Pushup, Total Body Extension, and Plank to Tricep Extension.


Timed Sets – this truly is one of the best things you can do for your bootcamp.  This allows everyone to participate at their own pace and not worry about having to count reps.


Alright, now that you know what makes a solid metabolic resistance training bootcamp workout, let’s do one.  This is one of the 61workouts that Craig Ballantyne and I wrote from the TT MRT Bootcamp Manual.  Yes, I know that the cover says “31”, but Craig and I got out of control and ended up with 61.


MRT Transformation Bootcamp 2K12



Do the following circuit twice, resting for 1 minute between circuits.  Each exercise should be done for 20 seconds.

Prisoner Squat

SB Plank


Reverse Lunge

Cross Body Mountain Climbers


MRT Superset

Do the following superset 3 times, resting for 1 minute between supersets.  Each exercise should be done for 40 seconds.

Bulgarian Split Squat (1-1/2 rep style) (40 secs ea leg)

Decline Spiderman Push-ups


MRT Circuit

Do the following superset 3 times, resting for 1 minute between supersets.  Each exercise should be done for 40 seconds.

DB Row with a 1-second pause at top (40 secs per side)

DB 1-Arm Shoulder Press (40 secs per side)

DB Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (40 secs per leg)



MCT Circuit

Do the following circuit twice, resting for 1 minute between circuits.  Each exercise should be done for 30 seconds.

Narrow Stance Goblet Squat

Triple Pushups (20 secs decline, 20 secs close-grip, 20 secs normal)


Plank to Triceps Extension

Total Body Extensions



Do the following superset twice, resting for 30 seconds between supersets

Death Crawl (30 secs)

Jumping Jacks (60 secs)


Cool-down, Stretching & Water Break – 10 minutes


Now that’s a solid, fun and effective MRT bootcamp workout.  Good times.  Don’t let the name, “Death Crawl” scare you either.  Ha, I’m kidding.  It should scare you. That’s why it is in the finisher.


That’s how Craig Ballantyne and I roll.  We set up the workouts so that campers get awesome results, yet have a lot of fun by incorporating this hot new method, along with some fun challenges.  There’s also some “unconventional workouts”, too.  My favorite one in the manual is probably the TT Ladders Bootcamp


By using metabolic resistance training with your bootcamps, you’ll get better results and more clients.  So try this workout with your campers at your next session and let the good times roll.


Finish Strong,

Mike Whitfield, CTT

Certified Turbulence Trainer


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