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Imbalance Revealed – Lower Body Edition

The very popular and helpful Muscle Imbalance Revealed – Lower Body Edition; has a new edition to help exercise enthusiasts and health & fitness professionals.


The new and improved Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition, has lead to a lot of buzz in the health and fitness industry.


Here are a few questions and answers from Rick Kaselj, the creator of Muscle Imbalances Revealed on the new Upper Body Edition.


What is the Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition and

why does it work so well?


MIRU is a program that gives you all the tools needed to improve your and

your client’s rehab, training and performance results in the upper body.


I put together a group of experts from 6 professions that provided their

tips, tricks and exercises when it comes to the upper body.


The experts are:

–       Tony Gentilcore – strength coach for performance training

–       Dr. Jeff Cubos – sports rehabilitation

–       Dean Somerset – rehabilitation and training


Then myself, Rick Kaselj and I focus in on exercises and injuries.


MIRU works so well because it gives you a lot of the pieces

to rehab, training and performance results that other programs

do not talk about.


MIRU has important topics like breathing, fascial lines, neck training,

soft tissue work, upper body corrective exercise, avoiding performance

training errors, core training and shoulder continuum.


How much does the program cost?


I’ll tell you what it DOESN’T cost: full price. At least not for the next day or so.

Save $70 with this link through tomorrow:


==> Get MIRU <—- $70 OFF pre-sale link


Is this program just for health and fitness professionals?


Muscle imbalances Revealed was originally designed for that but what we found was numerous exercise enthusiasts were getting the program to help themselves with their rehab, training and performance results.


If you are an exercise enthusiasts and want to learn from leaders in rehab, training and performance, MIRU will do that for you.


I live in another country, is this program available their?


As long as you have an internet connection, you can easily, access, view and download the program to your computer, hard drive or DVD, even if you can only

internet access at a friends hour or library.



==> Get MIRU <—- $70 OFF pre-sale link


Do I have to download everything all at one time?


You get unlimited and lifetime access to the membership area and all updates

will be given to you.


Do I get DVDs with MIRU?


It was designed to be easily instantly accessed online.

The feedback we have gotten is people would like to get a set of DVDs.


We will make those available to everyone that has ordered MIRU at cost

when they are ready.


What if it DOESN’T work for me?


Then it’s all FREE.


Simply put, if you follow the MIRU program

as outline outlined in the materials, and do NOT get

faster rehab, training and performance results for the

upper body within 60 days, then just contact us

and we’ll refund your money.


It’s that simple.


We stand behind our product as the fastest program to

improve upper body results ever created, and if doesn’t yield

those results for you when followed, you get your money back.

No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.



==> Get MIRU <—- $70 OFF pre-sale link


That is it.


Muscle Imbalance Revealed – Lower Body Edition has helped 1100 people in 28 countries and with the new upper body edition, it will help even more people like you get better rehabilitation, training and performance results.


==> Get MIRU <—- $70 OFF pre-sale link

 Thanks Rick!

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