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Incorporating Kettlebells in YOUR Fitness Business

Incorporating Kettlebells in YOUR Fitness Business

How many of you are using Kettlebells in your business?


If not, why not?


Ever since I launched the FitRanX system in March of this year, I’ve been traveling around visiting gyms here in the U.S.


In most of these gyms I see Kettlebells lying around the gym, but not many trainers utilizing them.


Or if they are using them, their form needs a lot of work.


I hate saying this.


I’m not the type of guy to talk bad about people, but when I see something I have to call it out.


I’ve never been the type to hold anything back.


Now I do have to say there were quite a few trainers that I visited that did know how to use Kettlebells.


So when I recognize a problem, my brain goes to work on what I can do to remedy the problem.


Below you can check out a clip of one of the Kettlebell Instructional Videos I put together:




Now I know what some of you may be thinking…


  • I already know how to use Kettlebells.
  • I don’t have Kettlebells.
  • I run an outdoor Bootcamp.
  • I’m limited on what I can do with Kettlebells.



I Already Know How To Use Kettlebells


First off, you may be a Kettlebell expert already, but no matter what, you can always learn something new.


Remember not to fall into the trap of the 4 most dangerous words, “I already know that.”


Always be striving to learn new things and techniques.


A lot of times we get wrapped up in only learning new business strategies.


First and foremost, we are trainers.


Even if your not training anymore and have a team of trainers that work for you.


I personally would never want an employee knowing more then me.


I would always go out to the schools and learn new things and bring it back to my trainers to teach the clients.



I Don’t Have Kettlebells


Now lets say you don’t have Kettlebells.


Investing in these guys is money well spent.


You will be surprised what you can do with Kettlebells and they take up a lot less space then most equipment out there.



I Run An Outdoor Bootcamp


Lets also say that you are running an Outdoor Bootcamp.


Are you using Dumbbells?


You can do almost every Dumbbell exercise with a Kettlebell, but you can’t do a lot of Kettlebell exercises with Dumbbells.


So think twice the next time you are thinking about purchasing Dumbbells for your Bootcamp or gym.


The better investment would be Kettlebells.


I’m Limited On What I Can Do With Kettlebells


I was speaking to a trainer about Kettlebells last week and she told me, “Your limited on what you can do with Kettlebells.”


Ohhh.…was she wrong.


I showed her about 30 different workouts you can do with just Kettlebells.


My good buddy out in Riverside California, Big Tim Peterson, has been running strictly Kettlebell classes for over 5 years.


His clients are loving it and still coming back for more.


So if you want to keep your fitness business ahead of the competition then I would suggest you start looking into using Kettlebells.


And if you’re now asking yourself, “I want to learn about (or learn more about) Kettlebells, but where do I start?”


I’m going to show you how to remedy this Kettlebell problem.



 Click Here: 99 BW/KB Fitness Bootcamp Workouts



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