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As you can imagine, I get tons of products sent my way for review and to get my endorsement, but there’s one I got recently that lives up to the hype.  It’s the SIX-FIGURE TRAINER PROGRAM, a new program just released by Kaiser Serajuddin.

If you’ve been getting my emails this week, you’ll know that I’m giving the program my full endorsement and will be helping Kaiser promote it.  About the promotion, Kaiser is having a limited run printed, and is including the PLATINUM UPGRADE to the program at not cost.  The promotion ends Friday, and there’s only a total of 100 copies, so if you want to make sure you get yours, you can check it out here.

For you guys and gals, I sent over some questions to Kaiser about the program, just so we could get some more information about what’s in it and how it applies specifically to bootcamp operators.

Here they are:

Kaiser, who is the SIX-FIGURE TRAINER PROGRAM for?

This program is specifically for trainers that have had difficulty consistently pulling in a six-figure income on their own terms.  By their own terms, what I mean is a business where they’re not on their feet all day, but are instead creating a practice that is ready for further growth and income potential.  There’s a big difference between just adding more clients and bootcamp hours so you can make more money, and setting up your business so that you can spend your time on the business and marketing tasks (to reach more people and change more live), while teaching other trainers your techniques so they can administer the training for you.  This program is built to help trainers make that shift.  To not only establish consistency and a high  income now, but set them up for the future.  If you read the detailed product description on the sales site, you’ll see that’s what it was created to do.

My readers are primarily bootcamp operators – will this program be useful to them?

I’m sure you noticed when you went through your copy of the program Georgette, that I mention very clearly several times that the fitness industry is headed towards group training.  That’s one of the major focuses of this program – to show fit pros how to build high income group training sessions.  Now the difference is I’m a believer in high priced group training sessions, and a lot of time is spent in the program teaching how to sell and administer them.

I consider bootcamps discounted group training sessions, which are the easiest to sell, market, and administer.  If you can grasp and apply what I’m talking about in the program, holding and filling up bootcamps is like shooting fish in a barrel.

There seems to be a new business model or business in a box program coming out every week in fitness.  How is this different?

This isn’t a simple tactical program, full of things you can do to maybe get some more clients (although there are tactics in here).  This program is a complete paradigm shift.  It’s a new way of looking at the world and seeing the business.  That’s some of the feedback you gave me, about what a shift in thinking it is.  And I think that’s the most critical part in all of this.  You can’t put a band-aid on a broken approach.  But with a new approach, a new game plan that really exploits the opportunities in fitness, the results almost take care of themselves.  I know that sounds a little hypey, but that’s the key difference I’ve noticed from the trainers that do exceedingly well from the majority of trainers who are struggling to get by – they are approaching this business in a completely different way.

What makes you qualified to put out a program like this?

That’s a pretty interesting question, because I’ve probably made more mistakes than anyone in this biz!  But I’ve learned from all of them.  While I was still relatively new in fitness, one of my first big successes was that I operated the widest reaching training business New York City has ever seen.  My business was in 42 locations all over the city, and I had just under 20 trainers working for me, plus a staff of four more people.  The reason I call that a mistake is because I was burning myself out trying to manage so many customers, clients, and responsibilities.

What that made me realize is that even if hundreds of thousands in sales are being racked up, what matters most is your lifestyle.  Whether you enjoy your work, whether your business is sustainable, and you can actually spend time away from it; if anyone is honest at all, they will admit that’s the purpose of any business.

So this experience made me re-evaluate what I valued.  And although I still valued a high income, I also valued my independence, being able to do what I want, and having a business that was sustainable and could experience growth without my direct involvement.

I educated myself on cutting edge marketing techniques, time management techniques, and people management techniques; I networked aggressively with nearly every top person in this industry; and I applied everything I learned myself in my own business.  I condensed my training business to just one location, which became the top training business in a town of 2.5 million people.  I made clients come to me, instead of having locations everywhere.  I learned how to charge the absolute highest rates in the industry.  I learned how to make group sessions the only form of training, while simultaneously raising prices.  I learned how to make the sales process automatic so I didn’t have to do it.  And when it came time to launch a discounted bootcamp, I had more than 30 paying customers from day one.  In total, this more efficient business model is way more profitable than my original one, and earns more than when I had all of those employees and locations.  That’s why I think I’m qualified to teach trainers about this – because I feel I’ve cracked the code, in proving it’s not the size and number of employees you have that makes your business.  It’s how well it runs, how easy it is for you to run, and what your role is in it.  Now, my involvement in the business is by choice.  And the marketing, teaching, and communication skills this process taught me is what has allowed me to create a program like this.

I know you’re planning to put out a free platinum upgrade for my readers – can you offer anything else to them?

Sure Georgette – for anyone of your readers that gets the program, I’ll give them a 15 minute jump start speed coaching session.  I do not offer coaching or sell my time in any way, but would be happy to help any of your readers get the most out of this program.

There you have it – here’s where you can get the program again:


If you have any questions, contact Kaiser at support[at]super-trainer.com or leave your comments below.

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I am looking for a program to get me started. I do not have a bootcamp but want to start one.


hey James
For just getting started with camps…start with Sure victory http://thefitnessbootcamp.com


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