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Joint Venture Secrets for Fitness Bootcamp Instructors


Joint Venture Secrets for Fitness Bootcamp Instructors

 By Georgette Pann

One of the most powerful ways to market your bootcamps is by doing joint ventures (JVs) with other people who’re serving the same niche as you.  This means you join forces for mutual benefit.  It might be as simple as co-promoting one another. Or, you might create a product (or even a bootcamp) together.


Why is it so powerful?  Because you have another trusted and influential third-party endorsing you. 


You see, people do business from those they know, like and trust.  If you haven’t yet built up that trust with a particular portion of your niche, you can “borrow” credibility by associating with respected others in your niche.  That’s why a joint venture works so well.


Now, there are plenty of ways you can do joint ventures – it’s really only limited to your imagination.  But here are a few ideas to fire up the brain cells and get the creativity flowing…


Do joint mailings.  If you’re using direct mail, then you can split the cost with one or more partners and send out a joint mailing.  Depending on what you’re mailing, you might arrange it so that each person gets a portion of a flyer or gets to include a postcard or brochure in the mail.


Naturally, you don’t want to do this sort of venture with your direct competitors.  Instead, do it with people who serve the same niche but don’t offer bootcamps. For example, if you’re offering athletic bootcamps, then work with people who own sports supply stores.



Offer discounts to your respective customers.  Another way to use JV partners to attract new customers is by offering exclusive discount coupons to each other’s customers.  So whenever you start a brand new bootcamp with new clients, you hand out your partner’s coupons to your trainees.


For example, you can pair up with the athletic store owner mentioned above.  Then you can create exclusive coupons for each other.  Your coupon might be a “percent off” coupon, a “buy one and bring a friend free” coupon or even a coupon giving the recipient the opportunity to attend your bootcamp three times for free before making a commitment.



Offer a free bootcamp or workshop in someone’s store.  One way to attract new clients is to offer a “freebie” to prospects, as it’s a risk-free way for prospects to decide if your bootcamp is right for them.


While you can certainly advertise these freebies on your own, you can also partner with someone who owns a store, such as a health food store, vitamin shop or athletic store.  Then you offer your sample bootcamp (or even a related workshop) in your partner’s store.  Then both you and your partner can advertise this free event.


It’s a win-win situation.  You get more prospects to add to your list and more clients joining your bootcamps.  Meanwhile, your partner gets more foot traffic into his store, which leads to more sales.


Likewise, any joint venture you do should benefit both you and your partner.  Indeed, the more benefits your partner receives, the more likely it is he or she will agree to do a joint venture!

  Georgette Pann, BS,CSN,CPT,LPTA


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