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KB Revolution Bootcamp Circuit

KB Revolution Bootcamp Circuit
by –Chris Lopez
Here’s a kettlebell circuit that I used recently for one of my outdoor bootcamps:  
I had my clients (who bring their own KBs to our class) start with a bodyweight warm-up and some mobility drills, the they did this circuit…
KB Revolution Bootcamp Circuit

1) 1-arm KB Swings x 20 per arm (switching arms every 5 reps)
2) Spiderman Push-ups x 10
3) Tactical Lunges x 20 (alternating legs)
4) KB Rows x 15 per arm
5) KB Squat to OH Press x 10
6) 2-arm KB Swings x 30

Rest 60s, repeat 2 additional times.
Then we finished up by do some interval training – either by dragging a sled, flipping a 150lb tractor tire or doing suicide sprints (a la highschool PE class).
Regardless of how your bootcamp is structured, it’s important to remember that the people taking bootcamps need to be challenged. So using weights less than 10lbs -regardless of how old or inexperienced the bootcampers are- will not provide an effective stimulus for the types “bang-for-your-buck” exercises that should be used.

There is absolutely no replacement for squatting, doing hamstring & glute dominant exercises like KB swings and snatches or tough bodyweight movements like chin-ups and push-ups.

…And there is no place in bootcamps for pink dumbbells.

 –Chris Lopez

Author, TT Kettlebell Revolution http://budurl.com/TTKBell

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