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Limited Space Boot Camp Workout

Limited Space Boot Camp Workout

by Brian Kalakay

Sometimes I have a session with 40 people in it and we are really tight on space. Then, I think back to when I was in a 12 x 12 foot foam pad in a big box gym training people and we just had literally no space to do anything in.


Either situation can be stressful if you don’t plan on having to deal with that obstacle in your boot camp workout.


Don’t worry though, I got your back 😉


Here is a workout that can be done by all of your members literally in place. They will all stay in the same spot for the whole workout. This way you don’t have to worry about people bumping into each other and causing a ruckus.


I have used this workout in my full boot camp sessions as well in the sessions we had to do on the foam pad in the big box gym. This workout also uses zero equipment so it’s doable no matter what the training situation is.


45-15 In Place Gauntlet Workout


Directions: Do the following circuit straight through resting when directed to.


1a) Plank – 45 secs

– Run in Place for 15 seconds


1b) Reverse Twist Lunges – 45 secs

– Run in Place for 15 seconds


1c) T-Pushups – 45 secs

-Run in Place for 15 seconds


1d) Total Body Extensions – 45 seconds

– Run in Place for 15 seconds


1e) X-body Mountain Climbers – 45 seconds

-Run in Place for 15 seconds


* Rest for 30 seconds and repeat as needed.


This workout can be done with little space and uses no equipment. You can put this circuit anywhere in your boot camp and it uses only 5 minutes of your session. Plus, if you repeat it two or three times you can get up to 17 minutes of workout with it.


If you would like to get your hands on more workouts like this one or you are just looking for some new exercises to incoprorate into your boot camp, you are going to want to check out my brand new program called Lean in 17.


Everything in it has been boot camper tested and works great even if your clients suffer from lower back pain or certain injuries. Follow me through the workout videos and see how I address those injuries and also see how I modify every exercise according to a clients skill level.


30 Boot Camp Friendly Workouts & Exercise Videos <= For Bootcamp Trainers deal


This program is a sample of how I train my clients and boot camp members. I guearantee you will find some cool exercise variations in here for you and your clients.

Brian Kalakay is also creator of the Boot Camp Games franchise and one of Craig Ballantyne’s CertifiedTurbulence Trainers.

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