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The TRX in Action at Bootcamp

Corey Belin gives us a glimpse at two workouts he’s put together for his students.

During week one, Belin has the students repeat the following sequence of TRX exercises to warm up during the first five minutes of class:

Jumping jacks
Side lunges

Next they move on to a more challenging sequence:

Squats or Single Leg Squats
Bicep Curls

“Then we’ll repeat the process back over and do it for about four minutes. Then I’ll have them change positions and…go to some ground work on the TRX with their feet in the cradles.”

During the first week of class, students quickly master the basic principles of progression on the TRX and learn how to make exercises easier or more difficult as well as proper form and technique. They also learn how to configure the TRX in single handle mode, and how to utilize the foot cradles for movements that require them.

“Once they see how the TRX works, it all makes sense and they learn how to use it fast,” says Belin. “The whole point is to keep moving, keep moving, keep moving! By the fourth week, they’ve already pre-learned all of the exercises, and I keep them moving nonstop for 30 minutes.”

Here’s a sample of the paces Belin puts his students through on the TRX during the final week of his course:

Jumping Jacks
Side Lunges
Step Overs
Pushups-Rows-Biceps Curls
Pushups-Rows-Triceps extensions
Pushups-Rows-Triceps extensions-squats

“I just keep adding on more exercises to the sequence and keep having them repeat it until 30 minutes have gone by.”

It’s a grueling, functional workout unlike any his students have experienced before. And to Belin, that makes the TRX a more than worthy addition to his courses. “It’s an amazing piece of equipment.”

When you’re ready to take your bootcamp classes to the next level, the TRX is here to make it happen!

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