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McDonald’s and a Fitness Business?

McDonald’s and a Fitness Business?


Have you ever compared your fitness business to a McDonald’s?

Probably not.

But, before you go and condemn me for mentioning the restaurant chain that inspired the fitness horror story “Supersize Me” – let me explain why you might want to start emulating some of the things that McDonald’s does if you’re ever going to achieve maximum success with your fitness business.

So then what in the world could you learn from McDonald’s??

It’s simple:

Create a systematized way of running your business.

Other than being the second largest private land owner in the world (great for building equity in your business…but that’s another story all together) the thing that McDonald’s does exceptionally well, that has allowed them to become a massively successful company, is to deliver a consistent product through a replicable system.
They have a system that will provide you the same hamburger whether you’re in Jupiter, FL or in Louisville, KY.
They’ve got a system for how the staff delivers the food to you the customer.
They’ve got a systematic approach to ordering their food and inventorying it.
They’ve got a specific system for opening a new location.
They’ve even got a system for cleaning the restaurant.


Like them or not, they’ve created systems that have made them billions of dollars, allowed them to create replicated models all over the world and helped entrepreneurs that couldn’t cook become millionaires by opening their franchises.
It’s also those easily replicated step-by-step systems that allow them to command such a high price tag from potential franchisees.
You see, people will pay big bucks for a McDonald’s franchise because of their systems that virtually guarantee financial success.
When was the last time you saw a McDonald’s fail?
So, here are the two big questions…
1. Can you create replicable systems?

2. How would it help your business?
The answer to number one is a resounding YES!

The answer to number two is a little longer.

By creating systems in which to train your clients, run your business and develop your staff – you’ll be able to generate consistent and predictable results.

And consistent and predictable results always lead to a consistent and predictable income.

By developing systems, you’ll also be able to plug in employees and know that your businesses clients will continue to get great results while you leverage someone else’s time.

When you’ve developed effective systems you’ll also set yourself up to open multiple locations (if you choose) and continue to generate the same success.

And something that most trainers never give a second’s thought to:

When you create “turn-key” systems you dramatically increase the value of your business when you choose to sell it. Now potential buyers are buying a system for success rather than some equipment and a few leftover bottles of protein powder.

In fact, I’d suggest you begin approaching your business as if you’re getting ready to launch your own franchise. And in order to do that you have to be able to pass along a system that will virtually guarantee your franchisees success.

By systematizing your business you’ll not only make more money, but you’ll also make your life a whole lot easier.

So let me leave you with three easy steps to start you on your way to creating a systematic approach to business:
Begin documenting everything you do and organizing it into your own “franchise operations manual.” Put everything from the way you perform an assessment to the way that you clean bathrooms on paper in a fashion that someone else would easily understand and be able to replicate.

2. Start delegating “minimum wage work.” If you’re going to move from technician to entrepreneur you must eventually allow other people to actually perform the day-to-day tasks associated with running your business. Start with the small stuff like entering data, going to the post office, cleaning, etc. You’ll eventually become more and more comfortable with passing on responsibility.

3. Set a timeline for someone to duplicate you. Set a specific date when you will have trained someone to perform your role in the business. Not only will this free you up to grow the business and tackle other projects and significantly increase the number of people you can serve but it will also increase the value of your company.
And you never thought anything good came from McDonalds 🙂


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