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Minimalist Training – For Fit Pros and Coaches

HI guys..I liked this product and thought I’d pass it along ..also it is good discounted price tag

This guide is the ultimate resource for personal trainers or strength coaches who want to fast track their career in the fitness industry by avoiding years of mistakes and basically stealing all of my favorite workout programs to use with your clients or athletes.

This will save you years of time and frustration.

MinimalistTrainignCover3D2 Minimalist Training For Massive GainsHere are just a few of the programs you get in Minimalist Training:

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Programs
• 1 Lift, 2 Lifts and 3 Lifts Per Day Programs
The Bare Essentials
• Skinny Maggot Mass Building (Hardgainer no more!)
Quick ‘n Dirty
• Renegade Basics (What we always start with at my private gym in NJ)
Three the Hard Way
• One for the Money
Two for the Time
• Basic Menage
Kinky Threesome
• Badass Barbell Basics
Old School Size & Strength
• Double Team
70’s Strength & Mass (One of my all time favorites)
• No Confusing Formulas
No Fancy Supersets, Drop Sets, or Silly Tempo Schemes
• No More Than Three Exercises in Any Program

Special introductory sale get  more than two decades worth of training experience and three years of done-for-you programs for only $39.95!

That’s an absolute steal!

But the sale only lasts ‘til this Wednesday, November 24th at midnight.

So grab your copy today before the price goes up Thanksgiving morning.

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Sometimes simple is good:)

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