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Metabolic Resistance Training Bootcamps


What Makes a Good MRT Bootcamp Workout?

By Mike Whitfield, CTT, and Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Co-Authors, TT Metabolic Resistance Training Bootcamps

Bootcamps have come a long way, and the days of running laps 
over and over are dwindling away.  You already know that 
metabolic resistance training (MRT) is the hottest method to 
use with clients and campers to strip fat off in less time.

But how do you incorporate MRT into a Bootcamp setting, and 
how do you know if you have a good workout program designed?

=> Enter the Done-For-You TT MRT Bootcamp Workouts

A Structured and Professionally Designed Program

Every once in a while, it is certainly fun to throw together 
some fun exercises and just work hard.  But if you do that 
day in and day out, you and your clients could be asking for 
an overuse injury.  

That’s why a thought-out, well-designed program is important 
to use with your campers so that they get the best results in 
minimum time, all while avoiding overuse injuries.

The Layout

The workouts should be laid out in superset or circuit fashion 
with non-competing exercises so that you can produce more work 
in less time.

People want to lose fat and not have to be at your location 
for an hour and a half.  

For example, you would do a Bodyweight Bulgarian Squat, then
immediately Close-Grip Pushups.  Your lower body rests while 
doing an upper body exercise and vice versa.

Strength Training – When and Why

Many bootcamps make this mistake – they do a lot of cardio 
moves early on, like running or sprints, and then expect their 
campers to bust out pushup after pushup.  Or worse, there is 
no strength training component at all.

The strength part of a bootcamp workout should be done at the
beginning after the warm-up, when their muscles are ready to 
work, but fresh.  This allows better effort for your campers 
and better results.

What Exercises to Use

Big, compound movements burn more calories and get your campers
better and faster transformations.  A variety of pushups (some 
you may not have even heard), lunges, rows and jumping movements 
should be utilized to keep your campers engaged and excited.

You can also incorporate different methods to give your campers 
the “Wow!”experience, including the 90% method, 1-1/2 rep style 
and more. These are fun gems you can use to keep your campers 
coming back for more great workouts.

The 3 Keys to a Solid MRT Bootcamp Workout

We already talked about strength training and how it is missing 
or misplaced in a lot of bootcamps.  But another key to use in 
your workouts is conditioning.  You can typically use a circuit 
of bodyweight movements with little rest (30 seconds to 1 min) 
that will skyrocket your client’s conditioning.  

They will appreciate that when they can go up and down the
stairs easily.

Finally, the metabolic finisher and/or intervals – When most 
people think of intervals, they think of treadmills or bikes.  

But you can actually perform intervals just using bodyweight 
exercises or moves like KB Swings. 

The metabolic finisher is usually a superset or circuit with 
a variety of reps and sets with heart-pounding moves like 
Burpees, Swings, Pushups and more.  They use incomplete recovery 
with very short periods.  They finish off your campers, revving 
their metabolism all day long.

The Most Important Thing to Remember – Timed Sets

The one thing that could make or break your bootcamp is using
specific reps rather than timed sets.  For example, you tell 
your campers to perform 15 Bodyweight Squats.  That might be 
the perfect amount of reps for some, while others will struggle 
getting that many.  For advanced people, that might be too easy.  

That’s why you want to use timed sets.  By asking your campers 
to perform 30 seconds of Bodyweight Squats, everyone can do 
what they can in that time, allowing people of all fitness 
levels to benefit.

Have Fun With Your Workouts

Any bootcamp workout is fun when you use some kind of camper
interaction. This could be allowing one of the campers call 
the shots, or having your campers partner up for shadow drills, 
and more.  The TT MRT bootcamp workouts utilize this strategy 
throughout the manual.

Be Unique

By offering your unique energy and enthusiasm, you will have
campers coming back.  You should even use unique exercises to
keep the workouts fresh and exciting, like:

Spiderman Climb with a Reach
Total Body Extension
Plank to Triceps Extension (crushes the triceps with bodyweight only)
And more…

These unique exercises and more are built right into the
done-for-you workouts.

Have fun, be safe, and bring the energy.

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