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My 2011 Fitness Industry Rising Stars

My  “2011 Fitness Industry Rising Stars” are……


I wanted to let you know about an event called the
2011 Fitness Industry Rising Stars Event, and it just

I was asked to submit who I thought were the top rising stars
in the industry.

It was a really tough choice, but I narrowed it down to a handful of
great fitness pros.

And if you want to see who I chose, just click the link below.

When you click that link and head over to the website, you can actually vote
for any of my picks.  And you can vote for who you think the top rising star
should be.  

So head over there, check out my rising stars, and get the early voting in
for who you think should win.
ps – You can vote for as many times as you want. Just refresh the page after you vote.




Fitness Industry Rising Stars Video from Erik R on Vimeo.

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