My Top 10 Bootcamp Exercises for Blasting Fat and Building Muscle!

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My  Top 10 Bootcamp Exercises  for Blasting Fat and Building Muscle!

Georgette Pnn BS,LPTA,CPT,CSN


As owner of NutriFitness Bootcamps in Pa. and creator of the Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit , I am revealing my top 10  bootcamp exercises. Some variation of these 10 exercises should be included in every bootcamp workout program.

Exercise 1. Squats- (bodyweight squats,squat and press, squat and hold,etc)

Exercise 2. Lunges all variations( walking lunges, Lunge combinations,etc)

Exercise 3. Push up all variations

Exercise 4. Pull up variations(suspension TRX rows, inverted rows, chins,etc)

Exercise 5  Swing-kettlebelle /dumbbell swings

Exercise 6  Med Ball Chops

Exercise 7 Single leg Hip extension or single leg Deadlifts

Exercise 8 Burpees, Mountain climbers,

Exercise 9. Plank all variations

Exercise 10 Tabata or metabolic finishers(bodyweight circuits,hill sprints, jump rope, boxing drills)

I absolutely love total body exercises and total body workouts, tabata circuits,partner drills and my top 10 bootcamp exercises because these give bootcamp our clients RESULTS! 


Georgette Pann: owner of NutriFitness Personal Training Studio. She has 20+ years experience in the Health and Fitness field with expertise in fitness bootcamps, She is author and creator of the best selling “Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit” at ,The Fitness Bootcamp Inner Circle for fitness bootcamp trainers at  and
Sure Results:The Ultimate Book Of Boot Camp Workouts

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