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Neural Charge Training

Neural Charge Training

By Sarah Rippel, author of Build ‘N Burn


Neural charge sessions are designed to help with recovery between heavy training days. They are not meant to tax the body. In addition, they can be used as “primers” to fire up the CNS prior to lifting. I first learned of this concept through the works of Christian Thibaudeau, as well as the Strength Faction crew.


The group training workouts I currently design in my gym are strength-focused but done in a manner that biases conditioning. The programs I design for my individual clients vary, but have a similar focus on strength plus conditioning. In a typical training week, we can think of MWF being “strength” days. I like to sandwich a neural charge session between either Monday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Friday. I prefer to schedule a 30-60-minute cardiac output session on Saturday. I also utilize this strategy with individual clients.


In prescribing two extra workouts during the training week that do not require a ton of “oomph,” my clients can easily get to work and help facilitate their overall recovery.
These are simple protocols that can be done without a ton of instruction.


A neural charge session is typically 15-30 minutes. The easiest way to go about this is to set a clock for the desired time, and get to work. Typically, 4-6 exercises are included in the circuit, which is a blend of explosive and isometric exercises. I like to include jumps, isometric core exercises, med ball throws, concentric-only Olympic lifts, dynamic pushing/pulling, and/or isometric upper body pulling or pushing movements. I am also prone to throwing in the occasional dynamic core movement.


For the explosive movements, 3-5 reps are recommended. 5-10 seconds is suggested for the high-threshold core exercise. After completing an exercise, the protocol is to rest until the heart rate is 100-115 BPM (typically ~20-40 seconds). These circuits are to be performed with no fatigue setting in, and the workout is to be concluded if form begins to degrade.

Neural Charge #1: 

1) JUMP = Box Jump: 24” x 3

2) ISO CORE = Planche Lean: 10sec

3) THROW = Med Ball Slam: 15# x 3

4) OLY (concentric) = Rack Power Clean (knee level): 77# x 3

5) DYNAMIC PUSH = Barbell Push Press: 65# x 3


Neural Charge #2:

1) JUMP = Box Jump: 20” x 3

2) ISO CORE = Planche Lean: 10sec

3) THROW = Supine Med Ball Chest Throw: 6# x 3

4) ISO PULL = 1-Arm Ring Row Hold: 5sec/side

5) DYNAMIC CORE = AbMat Butterfly Sit-Up: x 10


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