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NEW Bodyweight Cardio 500 Workout (Video)

Bodyweight Cardio 500 Workout + (Video)


I have a little taste of a workout from the Bodyweight Cardio 500 Calorie Burners program


It will only take 20 minutes – and you will NOT need a single piece of equipment – not a pair of dumbbells, not a pull-up bar, not even a stability ball.


Here we go… This workout is from Phase 1 of the intermediate/advanced level. Of course, a quick dynamic warm up comes first.


MRT Total Body D


Dynamic Warm Up

Do each exercise in order for 30 seconds, with a 5 seconds transition. Repeat for 2 rounds total.


A) Squat with T-squeeze

B) Glute bridge march

C) Duck unders


Reset your timing device for 18 rounds, 40 seconds work and 10 seconds transition. Do each exercise in order for 40 seconds, with a 10 seconds transition.


Workout Set #1: 3 rounds

1A: Single leg walkouts (right leg)

1B: Single leg walkouts (left leg)


Workout Set #2: 3 rounds

2A: Plank Tricep Extensions

2B: Sprinter Starts


Workout Set #3: 3 rounds

3A: Bodyweight Reverse Flyes (hold for 3seconds at top)

3B: Y Squats


But wait… there’s more.


Accelerator: 2 minute Superset Madness

Do as many rounds as possible in two minutes, resting only as necessary. If your form gets sloppy, you must take a break.


A: Plank jacks x 10

B: Jumping jacks x 10


Phew… I’m sweating just thinking about this 😉


Here’s a quick coaching video with the correct form:



Rock on!


Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, Master CTT

Exercise Physiologist

Creator of Bodyweight Cardio 500



Get more workouts like this PLUS Bodyweight Cardio 500 here http://georgettepann.com/bc500


Bodyweight Cardio 500 is an aggressive 30 day workout plan that gets rapid results, with intense 20 minute Accelerator circuits so that your clients progress faster, yet safely without any equipment.


This done-for-you blueprint has 15 different workouts, and is the exact program I use for beginners through advanced. No thinking necessary. Just print this and play!





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