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Get MIRU2 (almost Half Off) + New Bonus Bootcamp Edition

Rick Kaselj just announced the release of version 2.0

of Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition –


 He’s offering a full 47% off the program and

has added some really cool stuff for the updated



Plus he is giving away some really cool bonuses for you, if you

act fast.

UBD – Bootcamp Edition – BONUS

Plus a quick 4 minute dynamic warm up that as a bootcamp owner you can use that has helped decrease injuries in this campers and improve recovery between sessions.


 But hurry, they won’t last long…


You can get all the details here:


I’ve know Rick for several years now and I can

personally tell you that he is one of the best

when it comes to muscle imbalances. 


Plus he has assembled an amazing team of experts (Tony Gentilcore,

Dean Somerset, Dr. Jeff Cubos) to share their tips, tricks and

exercises when it relates to muscle imbalances in the upper body. 


Now you can save 47% off his extremely popular program

and effective program here:





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